Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Creed Spends The Day With Grandma

We took a day off from Disney while we were in California so Creed and I could spend the day with his Grandma Ward. I was worried he wouldn't recognize her, but he was happy to go right to her. We started off the day playing in the sand at the beach, and Creed was a happy boy.
He showered grandma with lots of slimey kisses
And he didn't mind falling in the water or being completely covered in sand.

After we cleaned up, we went to Fashion Island for lunch and some Pinkberry frozen yogurt (it is so, so good!)Then we went back to grandma's for a long nap and to play with some of Larry's old toys.
And we even got to go on a walk with Tom before we headed out.


The Jensen Family said...

So jealous! Creed + Beach + Disneyland= so adorable

Larry said...

I remember that car Creed is riding in very well. So fun!

jaY said...

I HEART PINKBERRY SOOOOO MUCH. They got Red Mango here in utah. It's close, but definetly not PinkBerry :(

Thanks for making me drool all over my shirt looking at that!

Mom said...

You guys are SOOOO busy! Our boy is growing up - wish I could give him a big hug!