Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm in love with a plant

My friend Faith always seems to be a step ahead of me in life, literally and figuratively. I met her in Columbus when her husband, Chad, was doing his residency and Larry was just starting medical school. Since then they've done a fellowship in Toronto and moved to Salt Lake City where Chad is now a "real" doctor and Larry is doing his fellowship. I look up to Faith a lot (that makes her sound like an old lady, and we are pretty much the same age) because I think she's perfect. Ok, no one is perfect, but she is good at all of the things I'm not (amazing cook, always spotless organized house) so I feel like I'm just absorbing as much as I can when I'm around her. Do you have any friends like that?

Anyway, I just feel so happy when I am around Faith so I've been really looking forward to a little shopping trip with her today, and I was not disappointed. I love learning about the area where I live from someone who lives around here because they know all of the local secrets that I might take ages to discover on my own or sadly never even discover at all.

Today we went to three of Faith's favorite stores. First, House of Bread at 2005 E. 2700 S. SLC. A little local business that uses all natural ingredients and no fat to make the most amazing bread and treats. Your mouth will start watering just from the smell in the parking lot. When Faith moved here, one of her neighbors brought her a loaf of apple cinnamon swirl bread (she says it makes the best french toast) and now Faith has a tradition of bringing her new neighbors the same bread so she treated me.

Second, across the street is Cactus & Tropicals. I'm a totally copycat and had to have this little ornamental plant that Faith has. Isn't it cool? It's called a pincushion plant and the berries are supposed to last through fall season. I always hoped to find a local nursery like this in my neighborhood in Columbus, but never succeeded. I have this thing for ususual plants. I like impatients and mums and marigolds, but if I'm going to go through the effort of planting something and keeping it alive, I want something that catches your eye because it's beautiful and different or I want something that would make beautiful seasonal decor. This is exactly the nursery to go to for something like that. I was drooling over the ornamental cabbage and I wanted to drag home every single varigated pumpkin. The pumpkins had just arrived and will be for sale later today or tomorrow so I'll have to head back soon.

Finally, we stopped off at Real Deals, a shop with inexpensive decorative stuff much like Tai Pan Trading. It's only open on Thursdays and Saturdays, and the ladies who work their are so nice and love to have kids in the store (that alone made me want to buy something). Most of it is not really my style, but there are some really inexpensive basics and their inventory changes quickly. Faith says she loves to check their for affordable holiday decorations. We hit the location at 4048 S and 2700 E, but there's one in American Fork too. I headed home happy with this $7.00 garden cloche that fit my pincushion plant perfectly.

So often we don't give much thought to how lucky we are to have our local favorites. I loved seeing a few of Faith's favorite spots. I think this is the best way to discover a town. When I travel with my parents they always avoid tourist hot spots and ask locals where they like to swim, where they like to eat, etc. How do parents get so smart? I guess I'm lucky to learn from the best. So what are your favorites? What's not to miss in your city that other people might not know about.

And PS- Is there a store anywhere in Salt Lake that sells really cool Halloween decorations? I love the Curio Cabinet in Columbus and The Gatehouse in Orem, and there must be some amazing store somewhere in Salt Lake, don't you think?


WendyandGabe said...

A few Salt Lake favorites:

Docetti Gelato on 1100 East and around 13th South (As good as the gelato I've had in Italy. Very popular.)

Frosy Darling on 300 south and around 200 east- cute, hip, and creative boutique

The Avenues Bakery on South Temple-great breakfasts made from fresh, local ingredients

Anna said...

Thanksgiving point has a really awesome Saturday morning brunch...

Kneaders has this killer all you can eat french toast and the most amazing Turkey Cranberry Sunflower salad that I craved all the time after moving to Columbus.

And I'd check out Gardner Village for some good Halloween decorations.

TX Girl said...

Jolly Pharmacy on 1300 South and 1700 East always has great things and Wood We Ever on 2700 East and maybe 3300 South.

I LOVE Cactus and Tropicals. We actually bought plants there and transported them back to NOLA. Ridiculous.. I know, but they were so helpful and I just had to reward such AMAZING customer service.

Robin said...

Faith is my IDOL! Wish I could join in, but you know more about great spots in both towns I'm sure. In fact, can I hire you to stake out the next town I move to?

Emily and Tom said...

I happened upon your blog from Jami Adair's (she's my sis-in-law). Anyway, I live in Holladay and I a little store called Nest. It's on Holladay Blvd and about 4600 South. Cute stuff!

Faith and Chad & the boys said...

Oooo Steph, we must check out these suggestions! Say we make a weekly outing of it???

BTW - you are way too nice, I am honored to even be mentioned on YOUR blog. You are the ultimate in all things lovely. So glad we are living close by now!

Amy S. said...

Came across your blog from serendipity. I live here in sugar house too and love all the places you have mentioned! And I love Jolleys as well!! I go there weekly!!! !5th and 15th (einstein bagels, Old Kings English Bookstore and Fressco a fabulous italian fancy restaurant! And of coarse 13th and 17th where Jolleys, Emigration Market, and Eggs in the City. Have you ever been to The Basket Loft in foothill villiage? Holiday deco overload!!!

And one fun local try is the soup kitchen on 11th E. and 20th south (ish)