Friday, September 05, 2008

Creed Learns What a Sheep Says

Our Labor Day started out rainy and gray. Larry was busy working so Creed and I decided to spend our morning puddle jumping. He's so crazy cute.
That's about all that we had planned so when my parents asked us if we wanted to meet up in Soldier's Hollow for the Sheep Dog Festival, we said, "Uhhh, sure." My Grandma Borup had a jewelry booth there so she had tickets for us and we helped her take down the booth afterward.
We came late in the day, but still had the chance to see the last few sheep dogs compete. They herd one group of eight sheep down the mountain and through certain gates, then they go back up the mountain and find a second group of eight sheep and bring them through certain gates to join the first group. Then the dog gathers them to the left of his master and they have to sort out five sheep with red ties around their necks and lead them into the pen all facing the same direction. And all of that has to be within a certain time limit and it is scored accordingly. To be honest, I often had no idea what was going on, but it was fun to see.
And the sheep dogs were cute.

But some of the sheep on display looked like they wanted to eat you.
Creed loved looking at the sheep up close and quickly picked up Sheepese and was Baaaaing all night. Here are my lovely parents.
And my grandma. You can just get a glimpse of some of her jewelry behind her.
Oh, and let us not forget the award ceremony, complete with a Scottish bagpipe band.


Megan said...

you go some of the coolest places...

Reba said...

how fun!

i love border collies. they are the smartest dogs ever. the only kind of dog i would ever consider getting.

and creeds lips? so cute! what good pictures you're taking

Lysle and Kamiko said...

Your all your posts. It's been awhile...hope you are enjoying your new place.

Cristin said...

I love that you call him crazy cute! (I'm especially loving his crazy cuteness in that very cool hat!)

Stephanie said...

That's just like the movie Babe! How cool is that!

Eva said...

creed is already looking older! we miss you guys!