Thursday, September 25, 2008

Credit cards are a kids best friend

Creed loves to play with my wallet, and it drives me crazy because now that he can use zippers, he opens it up and one by one, pulls every single item out and drops it on the floor, which, as you might imagine, causes all sorts of problems. But what's a girl to do when her toddler spots it in her purse during church and cries desperately for it? I wouldn't have a good answer if it wasn't for my friend Reba.

One day in church, I pitied Reba as her daughter pulled every item out of her wallet and dropped it on the floor, credit cards and other important info spread about the room, until I realized, wait, those cards aren't real. But why would Reba carry around fake credit cards in her wallet? She wouldn't, she has two wallets, one for herself and one for her kids to play with when she needs to keep them quietly entertained. Of course kids want to real deal so Reba saved all of those fake cards that you get in the mail and her daughters don't know the difference.

Well, a curious one-year old finally ripped the change pocket on my seven-year-old wallet so I got an upgrade and Creed gets the old one. When I cleaned out my wallet after moving here I was a little sad that I would no longer need my Columbus library card or zoo membership or even my student ID for The Ohio State University. I'm happy to have a reason to keep them around now. So I took those along with some fake cards from junk mail and used up VISA and Itunes gift cards and filled every nook and cranny of my old wallet and now it keeps Creed busy for quite a while.
Thanks for the idea Reba, I hope that you don't mind me sharing!


Reba said...

I'm so glad you use this idea, too.

I'm going to go add my old library cards to the credit card stash.

Anonymous said...

First off, Love the plant too! Second, lots of empathy for the card/wallet issues. Third, I have no numbers for either you or Larry anymore, so please tell larry HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!