Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Swiss Days

So Friday, Creed and I drove up to Midway to browse the Swiss Days craft Fair with my mom. It is always EXTREMELY crowded so my hands were busy steering Creed's stroller and I only dug my camera out of the bottom of my bag at the end of our outing. I thought I would be able to find plenty of photos online to capture the Swiss Days ambiance, but alas, I cannot so just imagine a few of the cutest elderly couple you can conjure up wearing traditional Swiss outfits, and of course an accordion player. At least I caught the guy playing the cowbells.

As for the booths, I thought about putting together a snarky post about some of the hideous stuff you can find at Utah craft fairs (or really most craft fairs for that matter), but let's focus on the positive instead (and maybe I'm the one with horrible taste because many of those booths of country, toll painted delight were swamped and there were people all over walking around with schellacked antlers wound with fake greenery and plastic animals). At any rate, one of my favorite items I failed to photo for you, but they were small pieces of wood painted cream of light turquoise with antique clear and blue-green jars in different sizes strapped to them using those metal straps used for plumbing (wow, that is a bad description! Just trust me that they were cool). They would have made really pretty organizers and they were only $20. My mom and I both agreed it would be hard to make them for that price.

I also liked these button magnets at the Clementine booth.
And of course the Halloween gourds from JeniBee. My mom has a big collection and I have two. I know they look a little crazy, but I love the rustic feel they add to my Halloween decorations and they just make me smile.
My favorite part of Swiss Days was that there was actually a booth there just to promote Switzerland. They were handing out all sorts of promotional goods, and I loved the striking simplicity of their design, and it was fun that they came of with some designs just for Utah.
Creed was remarkably well-behaved. It may have had something to do with the whole plate of cookies that grandma bought him to eat as we walked around. He was so good in fact, that I decided to stop at the outlets in Park City on the way home. He normally only last a few minutes shopping, but we made it through multiple stores. He would have happily stayed longer, but I was shopped out.


Alicia said...

I'm glad they have cool things at Swiss Days. I used to work with a girl who made crafts for Swiss Days, and boy were they cheesey!

Where can I buy one of those Halloween gourds? They are adorable, and you know I would love one. :)

Arlene said...

I love your post. A friend of mine (she thinks her sister in law knows you or is related) sent me a link to your blog. I made the jars & I'm glad you like them! :) There is a picture on my blog - cooksinmurray.blogspot.com. I know it is kind of too late, but you can steal a picture if you want. Also, I love Jeni's gourds, I have quite a collection myself & add to it every year.