Saturday, May 26, 2007

Where have we been?

We've been avoiding the house as much as possible while we got a new roof and new siding. I'll spare you the details, but it's been a long week! Creed and I still managed to have some fun with our friends Nikki and Audrey on two shopping trips (hey, that's as thrilling to them right now as any other play date). Don't they look like they are really enjoying themselves?

And since I had a chance to give Audrey a present that I made for her, I can finally show it to you.
It's the first one that I've made so it's far from perfect, but I had fun making it. I've improved since then but I can't show you pictures yet, because they are more gifts. I love monograms on everything and it was a good opportunity to buy some cute fabric so I couldn't resist.

My parents are coming into town today because we are blessing Creed in church this Sunday (kind of like a christening in other religions). I'm feeling a little guilty because I totally spaced the fact that they are going to be here the week of the memorial golf tournament and my dad is the biggest golf fan I know. Had I realized it earlier I probably could have begged some tickets, but now I'm afraid that it's too late! I guess we'll just have to find lots of other fun things to do to keep my parents entertained!

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Reba said...

Cute onsie! I'm hoping for a tutorial . . .

And have fun with your family--Creed looked so cute at his blessing!