Monday, May 28, 2007

Creed's blessing

Larry blessed Creed in church yesterday (kind of like a christening in other religions) and we were lucky enough to have a lot of friends and family there. My parents came to visit from Utah, and my little sister Marissa and her husband Mike drove up from Tennessee. I wish that she wasn't standing behind me in this picture so you could see her cute pregnant belly. She's expecting a boy at the end of the summer, which means Creed has all male cousins on both sides of the family. My little brother Eli just emailed us from his mission to say that having all nephews is the best thing in the world because we don't need anymore girls around the house. Can you tell that he grew up with three older sisters and no brothers? Every time my family gets together they break out the games (and you have to watch out for Marissa, she cheats!) Too bad Larry had to go to bed early so he would be ready for work at the crack of dawn.
My favorite conversation of the night went something like this:
Marissa: This game is just too easy!
Mike: What do you mean? You've lost every round.
Marissa: Uh, I mean too easy for YOU!
And Mike had to try to impress dad (his old professor) with his engineering t-shirt and skills

If you didn't know us I think from these pictures you would guess that Mike was related to me instead of Marissa, wouldn't you?

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