Saturday, May 05, 2007

Doctors in the house

When I carried in my mother-in-law's luggage it seemed really heavy. She told me that she would be going home much lighter and I inwardly groaned because that meant she had a bunch of random stuff from home for Larry. Anyone who knows me and Larry well knows that sometimes our tastes clash and we most often argue over what a disorganized packrat Larry can be. He has a hard time throwing away anything and it drives me crazy.
Well a couple of days later, these emerged from Diane's suitcase. She wisely waited until Larry was home to bring them out because she knew I wouldn't be pleased. I'm speechless. Seriously? . . . .SERIOUSLY!

I have no words.

And the best part? This one is his favorite that he says we absolultely cannot get rid of.


Erin said...

Yikes! Lar, I'll bet those figures would look AWESOME at the hospital. I mean, wouldn't they put a smile on the patients' faces?

Scott said...

That monkey freaking rocks!!!!!!!!!
I am soooo glad he is keeping it!
And it was nice of my mom to bring Larry something he has already said he wanted

Reba said...

My dad had "Duck-tor" that I'm sure my mom would donate to Larry's new collection.

Larry said...

I think the monkey doctor is GREAT and the moment I finally have an office - it will be displayed prominently!