Thursday, May 03, 2007

I'm a mess

Larry headed to Boston yesterday for his last fellowship interview and his mom arrived last night. Our house is a disaster right now, not just a little bit messy, a complete embarrassment. I have project chaos everywhere: Pieces of Creed's dresser are spread across the garage where I'm repainting it, the things that belong in his dresser are all over his room, I have quiet book pages and my sewing machine on the kitchen table, canvases for Creed's room in the kitchen with only the background painted and newspaper spread all over, and my laptop and scanner sitting on the living room floor. Yikes! Larry has been working a lot so it was all we could do to rearrange furniture to create a guestroom in the basement since Creed's room used to be the guestroom. The bed just barely fit down there. Here's a picture of it with the traditional pajamas for guests from out of state. I planned to clean during the day, but then Creed was fussy and sick with a fever so I didn't get anything done. It's not that Larry's mom is judgmental or anything, but I especially wanted our house to be clean, organized, and beautiful since in the six years that Larry and I have been married, she's only visited us once and that was a week before we were moving and in packing pandemonium.

I guess I just need to let it go. At least I have a cute baby.
And he gets to spend time with his Grandma (and those are three to six month pajamas, my friends!).

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Reba said...

Sounds like you're not quite babyproofed :) packing pandemonium . . . I like that alliteration