Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Derby Days

We took advantage of Larry's weekend off (a rare occurane these days) and went to visit my sister's family in Louisville. They're moving in a month so it was our last chance to visit. The Kentucky Derby is this week so there were Derby related events all over the city. You have to have a pegasus pin to get into most Derby events. You can buy them all over the city and they come in an envelope so you don't know what color the pin is and they have surprise coupon sin them too. One in 18 pins is a gold pin and people trade and collect them. Friday night we made it just in time to the end of Balloon Glow. It was so neat to see all the balloons together and lit up.
As you can tell, Creed really enjoyed it.

The next day we had a hard time navigating around the marathon, but we made it to a fun arts festival and we walked along all of the "Chow Wagons" along the riverfront.

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Reba said...

Ack! There's a balloon coming out of Larry's head!
I love your shirt, Steph, you look really pretty.