Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

We had such great time celebrating Valentine's Day around here that we were sad taking down the decorations (Creed shed some tears until I told him that we would decorate for Easter very soon).
A couple more Valentine's details that I wanted to share:
Candice sent me this cute package that I thought was a very clever idea. It was a Valentine's party in an envelope and had directions that said, "Throw yourself a little love party! Step One - Hang the Valentine garland. Step Two - Play the CD. Step Three - Hand out the cards to people you love or place them around the room and enjoy them yourself."
I like to make Larry's Valentine this year and this year I HAD to try this fabric valentine tutorial. I just make the envelope and made a paper Valentine to go in it.
It was so easy and fun to make and I would love to make more for some special occasion.
Larry put me to shame by spoiling me thoroughly in return. He surprised me by coming home from work on Thursday with a babysitter and a surprise early Valentine date to go to a restaurant I mentioned I've been wanting to try and a screening of When in Rome because we same them filming it a few years ago when we were visiting Central Park. And as if that wasn't enough, he still surprised me with a gift on Valentine's Day (a wafel maker that we have already put to good use). It really was a lovely weekend. I hope that you enjoyed your Valentine's Day too!

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Larry said...

Love the card and envelope!!