Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Creed at 2 & 3/4

Oh there is so much that I want to remember about Creed at this age! The other day my mom told him that she didn't want him to get any bigger, she just wanted him to stay the way that he is, and he's been very concerned about it since then. He keeps telling me things like, "Mom, I don't want to grow up. I just want to stay a little kid. I don't want my head to hit the ceiling!"
He's very curious and loves to look at Larry's anatomy books and will spout off things like, "Your heart pumps blood all over you body!" and, "When you eat food it goes into your stomach and then to your 'testines and then it comes out of you bum!" Lovely!
This little yellow bird was a left over from his yellow birthday party and he loves to clip it to his clothes and wear it all over. It is pretty shabby now and has even lost its beak, but he loves to have dance parties with it.
The other day he went somewhere with Larry and when they got back I asked him if he had fun. His answer was, "Yes, I did indeed!" Ummm, indeed? And he says it all the time now.
He loves to dress up even if he has no idea who he's dressing up to be (ie he has no clue who Robin is).
He's always loved music, but until this month, Creed would NEVER sing. He would ask you to sing a song like "The Wheels on the Bus" and he would do the actions, but he would not sing along. That's suddenly changed this month, and I love eavesdropping on him singing away while he plays. He picks the funniest songs to sing. The picture below is Creed all dressed up for his friend Piper's Fancy Nancy party, which is where he heard the song "Single Ladies" for the first time. Now we hear a lot of, "All the single ladies, all the single ladies, oh oh oh . . ."
He's way more opinionated about clothes than I would have thought my two-year-old boy would be. We stopped by the Gap the other day and he spotted these pajamas with crabs on them, and it was love at first site. He carried them all around the store, hugging them to his chest so how could I refuse to buy them when I had a 40% off coupon in my pocket? (I don't know why he loves crabs so much, but he's fascinated by them and always begs to go look at the crabs in the seafood section every time we stop at Costco)
He has a few beloved stuffed animals these days, but Kencoe stands above the rest. He's a bear my friend Faith gave him last Halloween and when Larry had the audacity to put him away with the Halloween decorations this year, it did not go over well.
Creed named him "Kencoe" himself and can often be heard having conversations with him
He takes very good care of him: puts him in his stroller and takes him on walks, takes his temperature and gives him medicine when he's sick, tucks him into bed, etc.
He loves to wear fake glasses and will tell you that he needs them so he can read and do his work (Larry wears reading glasses once in a while)
and the more accessories the better!
He loves to be read to. He will sit as long as you can keep going.
In between snow storms, we've made it out for some bike rides. This bike is HEAVY, but he's really good at managing it. He does not like to go fast so I can easily walk along with him as he makes his way around the block. I'm hoping he works up so more courage before this summer so we can go on bike rides together.
His imagination amazes me. Here he is as Captain Hook (I have no idea why Captain Hook wear construction goggles).
One of his favorite phrase is, "That's so nice of you/him/her . . ." The other morning he was eating Honey Nut Cheerios and he asked why there was a bee on the box. I explained that bees make honey and his sincere reply was, "That's so nice of them!"
He has trouble with the L sound so we've been working on it with him, but it's not going so well. Larry will say, "Stick out your tongue and say, 'la la Larry!'" and Creed will say, "la la Warry!" as proud as can be. It makes me giggle a little every time.
I really can't imagine what life would be like without Creed. I think Larry and I find ourselves commenting one how cute he is about 50 times a day. I guess we will always think so!


Heather said...

What a fantastic post. He'll love it when he's older too. Wish I could play with Creed.

Molly said...

OMG He is so cute! He really does have just the best sort of personality:) Enjoy him!

Dehner Family said...

Steph, he is growing up so fast. He is so adorable - those lips are to die for! You are such a cute mom! I love your posts!

Krista Hansen said...

I LOVE all those pictures. He really is an exceptionally cute boy. I know I've said it before, but I think he looks (and it sounds like) like he could be Sam's little brother. I bet they would have a great time together. Next time you're down here we should meet up. Good luck with becoming a mom of two. You'll be great, but it's quite a trip!

WendyandGabe said...

What a delightful little guy. It sounds like he has an adorable personality.

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Creeds such a funny kid! I loved his phone message the other day.

The Jensen Family said...

I hope he says it correctly like his great grandpa ford In-test-iiiines.
At least his anatomy lessons to you are G-rated, ask Larry what he told his Grandma Lewis when he was that age!
"It was really nice of you" to do this post Steph--thank you--we love seeing pictures of Creed

Taunya said...

What a cutie!!

Larry said...

His current anatomic obsession - the kidney. "The kidney makes potty from your blood, then it comes out your boy parts." He'll request looking at the anatomy book, saying, "Let's look at the kidney!"

Nikki said...

What a *great* post, Steph! And yes indeed - he is one cute, kind, creative and lovable boy!

Noelle and Corey said...

He is an absolute doll!! Those dimples are to die for! Dounds like you have a Doogie Howser in the making!

Typhoid Ashley said...

This was easily the best post I've read in a looooong time. You guys are so lucky to have that sweet little man around!