Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Soundtrack for Tiny Ford's Arrival

Tiny Ford is due to arrive on Saturday, but as of now, the plan is to head to the hospital Thursday night to be prepped to be induced Friday morning (that is, if he does not make an appearance before then, I guess we shall have to wait and see though).

What's that you say? You think we better hurry up and come up with a name so we don't have to call him "tiny" when he arrives? And it's time to actually get that new car seat out of the box and make sure we know how to get it in the car? And I better finish packing that hospital bag? Why do that when I could be putting together a playlist of happy, relaxing songs to listen to during labor? So here it is, the soundtrack for Tiny Ford's arrival! Some songs are baby related and some are just songs that make me feel happy. I thought I'd share them in case you needed a little happy, relaxation music too.

1. Family Tree / Frances England 3:32

2. 1, 2, 3, 4 / Plain White T's 3:20

3. Coin Laundry / Lisa Mitchell 3:17

4. You Are My Favorite / Sophie Madeleine 3:32

5. Stay / Katie Brandeburg 3:18

6. Butterfly Nets / Bishop Allen 3:14

7. Neopolitan Dreams / Lisa Mitchell 3:05

8. Ordinary Day / Emilie Mover 3:26

9. Maybe / Ingrid Michaelson 3:16

10. It's a Big World / Renee & Jeremy 3:12

11. I Don't Know a Thing / Lucy Schwartz 4:10

12. Trouble / Never Shout Never 2:28

13. Mama Papa Love / Renee & Jeremy 2:13

14. Oh, It Is Love / Hellogoodbye 4:04

15. I Wish You Love / Sunflow 2:29

16. Click click click click / Bishop Allen 3:04

17. Light Bulb / Rachel Goodrich 2:41 (I had to edit this one because there was a lot of blank space and then a weird song after this one when we downloaded it from I-tunes)

18. Night Mantra / Renee & Jeremy 3:20

Hmmmm . . . I guess that I'm really liking ukulele music lately.

Do you have any new favorites lately?


I am Laura said...

we are gonna be friends by the white stripes

taniawillis said...

Smile by Uncle Kracker...not so relaxing, but definitely a happy tune that's my favorite right now.

sending some prayers for a quick, healthy, uncomplicated delivery steph. (HUGS), tania

Shauna said...

Can't wait to hear the news of Tiny's arrival! We miss you! We'll have to chat soon - I want to know if we have a chance of living near each other again.

WendyandGabe said...

I've been in a complete music rut this year, so thanks for giving me some new ideas. Good luck this week!

Michelle said...

you are the coolest! thanks once again for sharing music.

i'm loving "i know" by meaghan smith. good luck with your delivery!

Michelle said...

oh! one more - "just you and me" by zee avi.

Shar said...
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Shar said...

these aren't new songs by any means, but I love Shine by Anna Nalick, Gliter in the Air by Pink, A Little's Enough by Angels & Airwaves, and Paint me in Your Sunshine by Marie Digby.

I can't wait to check out the songs you listed! thanks for sharing the list.

And good luck this week and in the coming weeks. I hope all goes well with Tiny Ford and that you fall in love with a name that will be perfect for him and your family.

kristen said...

We are so happy for you! Love his name and love you. Glad all is well!xoxo