Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine Exchange 2010

I love hosting a valentine exchange every year. The only hard part about it is that you have to limit the guests (because you can only expect them to make so many valentines) and I always wish that I could invite everyone. This year, I stuck withe the same basic plan: I invited 12 twelve friends and asked each of them to make twelve valentines to exchange. The valentines could be as simple or ornate as they wanted, the point is really just to have a chance to get together and visit, but I was really impressed by everyone's valentines.
I always like to start of just letting everyone mingle and snack so I stocked up on red drinks
and made lots of cookies to decorate

This year I tried to include some fruit too because I knew my mom was on a no-sugar diet.
And Creed couldn't resist making an appearance to snitch a few cookies and strawberries (I stole this photo from Eva)
We exchange valentines speed-dating style, where you have three minutes with each person so tell them about your Valentine and has a minute or two to chat. I really like doing it this way because then you get a chance to talk to everyone. You really have to check out these valentines.

Annie made felted soap.

Marta made each person a small cake, beautifully decorated.
Melinda made little loaves of bread with honey butter.

Liz has tiny flower pots with seeds.

Faith made fabric flower pins for everyone.

Eva forgot her valentines so she collected addresses and mailed them later (and in this picture you can see the totes that I gave everyone to collect their valentines)

I was actually glad that she forgot her valentines because don't you love getting fun mail?
My mom made letterpressed stationary for her L machine and ribbon bookmarks

Rachel made frayed fabric flower pins (and had Ruby with cute Cupid wings with her).
Lisa made everyone magnets with love quotes on them and even sewed fabric envelopes for them.
And Amanda made felt fortune cookies since this year Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year fall on the same date.

It was nice to have a reason to be creative and it's always nice to spend some time with just my girlfriends. Thanks to everyone who came!
And I hope that the rest of you had a Happy Valentine's Day!


I am Laura said...

you throw the best parties.

Heather said...

I loved yours so much that this year, Noelle and I threw an exchange of our own. Wish I could've attended both!

Anonymous said...

Jeepers! How do you know so many creative AND beautiful women? You hit the jackpot!

Sunny said...

I'm in awe, yet again, at how wonderful your parties are!

Laurel said...

How fun! I think it's so funny you know my friend from high school Annie. She has always been fun and fantastic! Your party makes me want it to be Valentine's Day again already. ;)

Cristin@ Serendipity said...

Another wonderful Stephanie party! {I love this little tradition of yours -- } Actually, all of your parties always look like so much fun! You always put so much into the details...which is my favorite part!}
Happy Valentine's Day!

taniawillis said...

you throw the best parties ever!

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

Thanks for throwing this great party, Steph! I really need to learn how to be better at it...because it's so much fun for everyone involved!

Shauna said...

So fun! How do I get on the guest list?!