Thursday, February 04, 2010

Salt Lake City Spotlight - Tutoring Toy

Ok, so I need to start carrying my real camera around so you're not stuck with my terrible phone photos, but at least it will give you an idea of what this store is like.

This week, Creed and I headed out to explore a toy shop that comes highly recommended in our neighborhood, Tutoring Toy. Tutoring Toy is at 1400 Foothill Drive and looks tiny from the outside, but it holds a lot more than you might think.

I know that I can be a bit of a toy snob, but oh, I breathe a sigh of relief when I walk into a toy store and can't spot a single cartoon character! No Dora or Disney Princesses in site, and suddenly kids are more interested in what a toy can do rather than who is plastered on it (not that there's not a place for cartoon characters, we have more Pixar Cars than I can count, but sometimes it's nice to have a break).

Creed was immediately enamored, as you can tell when you spot him in the floor in this photo.
It's a family owned business and the staff is really friendly and genuinely interested in helping you find the most age appropriate, fun toy for your child. It's fun to browse because they carry many brands that you won't spot in big box toy stores like Schleich

And check out this whole wall of Playmobil

They also have a small picture book section, that I was very impressed with. They managed to have almost all of our favorites and very up-to-date titles. Even if you didn't know anything about picture books, you basically couldn't go wrong choosing any book off the shelf.

With a shop like this, you might expect the staff to be a bit persnickety, but when I overheard some grandparents asking where the Star Wars figurines are, the staff didn't bat an eyelash or try to convince them to choose something else as they apologized that they didn't carry them and helped think of a couple of places they could check.

I probably shouldn't admit this, but Creed and I ended up being there and hour and a half, and I still had to drag him out of the store. I think it may be one of our new favorite places to shop.


Sunny said...

I love Schleich toys! We've been buying one animal here or there for different reasons and my son is amounting a small collection. They are sturdy and well made, and perfect for imaginative play - no batteries required!

Alicia said...

Ages ago you posted about a construction play set with a crane. It is adorable, and my little boy would love, love, love it! Where did you get it? What brand is it?

Bryan said...

This is our favorite toy store, and you have done an excellent job highlighting its best features.

Danielle said...

Alicia, those trucks are from Land of Nod.

It's so funny that you made that comment about being persnickety. We have a similar toy store near us with that exact name! A while back, I called to see if they had a particular item and she gave me that attitude. You know...those are not the kind if toys we carry here. Ha! It wasn't even that bad- maybe a rubix cube twist-. It definitely put me off a bit.


Bryan said...


Do you mind providing some information about the location of the toy store you are referring to? You can send it by e-mail if you prefer:


edawn said...

I love Schleich. Those are the only animals I buy.

We used to live in the next town over from where Playmobil is made. That stuff lasts forever. We still have the things from when my husband was a kid.