Friday, November 07, 2008

Oh, the weather outside was frightful

On Wednesday, we woke up to some snow. The forecast said it would stop by 11:00 am. It did not. That afternoon the snow on our lawn was about five inches deep (curiously it didn't stick to the road or sidewalks at all).

This is what Creed thought of all of that snow.And this is what Larry thought.Creed spent a good part of the afternoon watching our neighbors throw snowballs, and when Larry got home, he was happy to teach Creed the art of snowball making.Creed was pretty proud of his new skills (his snowball holding after dad makes the snowball skills, that is).
Larry proceeded to completely cover every inch of himself with snow, but it was worth to see Creed laughing so hard he almost fell over.


Brooke said...

Alec LOVED the snow too and can't wait for it to snow again.

Larry said...

I do indeed have a well-documented dislike of snow, but I'd gladly roll in it again for that look on Creed's face!

Stephanie said...

those are the cutest pictures! What a doll he is :)