Thursday, November 06, 2008

Let's talk about art, baby . . .

So Larry and I have basically nothing hanging on our walls right now. We own all sorts of art posters and prints that we could frame and hang, but we never do. I'm sort of glad that has never happened. The more I look through those prints, the more I don't want them on my walls. For one, it feels very college dorm room to me to have a Monet poster hanging on the wall (although I've seen cases were it works to so please don't be offended). Second, looking through our collection, I still think they are beautiful, but I don't think they really represent us or fit our style very well. I like the memories they bring of the places we saw them and bought them, but we have a photo album for that.

I want something on the wall that makes me smile everyday, and I'd prefer it to be fairly unique. Now originals are way out of our price range at this point so I just mean that I don't want the same thing millions of people have hanging on their walls, I want it to catch the attention of guests in our home.

I've hard a hard time committing to buying anything new because we're only living here for a few years and who knows what our next home will be like, and my taste is always changing anyway. Well, I found one possible solution this week. Melissa and I were checking out the shops along Third Avenue downtown and stopped in Signed and Numbered, and shop that sells limited edition screenprinted gigposters and art prints at priced low enough that we could regularly swap them out (most of the medium and large posters are between $20 and $50. The ones I liked were generally around $25).

I don't know why I didn't think of gigposters before. There are so many to choose from, they are so fun, it's a great way to support printmakers and artists, and I love how most of them are screenprinted. I feel so lucky to live by Signed and Numbered where I can go in and browse through them in person. Here are a few that interested me. This one for the Decemberists (which Larry does not like because he says it looks too much like a Beatles album) This one by Tad Carpenter that reminds me a little of a J. Otto Seibold illustrationThese two-part monster art prints by Tad Carpenter are also really fun. You can mix and match the tops and bottoms and I think they would be so fun in a child's room. They caught my eye because that Robot is so Creed.
I love this one, and it's even for a local venue.
The next two are designed by Strawberryluna and also available on Etsy.
And this Octopus Project poster was one of my very favorites.
If you feel like losing yourself in gigposters, check out Oh, I could spend all day just looking.


Doggie B said...

Cool idea. I have this one: The same artist did the first Death Cab poster you have shown.

Lisa Lewis said...

The Small Stakes is my favorite gig poster creators -Jason Munn, the artist, is brilliant. The only problem is, his prints sell out quickly.

Mom said...

And what's wrong with looking like a Beatles album, I should like to know?
- Mom Cat

whitney said...

Have you ever been to Ken Sander's Rare Books? It's around the corner from Broadway theatre. They have prints there by Leia Bell who does a lot of the art work for Kilby Court. I really like her stuff.

Faith and Chad & the boys said...

ooo - love these!