Monday, November 17, 2008

Creed Gets A Little Older

Creed really needed a haircut, but he was not too happy about it and his hair ended up being a little shorter than anticipated.  I was a little sad about it because I think he looks so old now (well, when he doesn't have a binky in his mouth anyway).

He always surprises me with how much he remembers.  On Friday he picked up a toy squirrel and waited for me to open the front door.  I had no idea what that was all about, but I opened it and watched him run out to the tree in our front yard and pretend the squirrel was crawling all over it.  This seriously entertained him for about an hour.  He loved to pretend the squirrel was scratching at the tree, running up and down it, and nesting in its branches.  
He hasn't even seen a squirrel since we moved from Ohio.  How did he even know squirrels live in trees?  Then I realized that I read Scaredy Squirrel to friends earlier last week while Creed was running around and playing and I didn't think he was paying attention, but I guess he was.


emily kate said...

That's so cute! I just told Cole tonight that he looked like a Squirrel (his cheeks were full of popcorn) and he said (with popcorn flying everywhere), "Scaredy Squirrel!" Love that book.

Nikki said...

He is SO handsome!

Mom said...

Itt isn't THAT long since you lived in Ohio...well, I guess in baby years it's an eternity. He is adorable - just want to give him a big squeeze - and hundreds of kisses. - Mom Cat

David said...

I am amazed by Audrey's recall memory too. But then, I guess it is their job right now: to take it all in and try to make sense of the things they see, hear and feel. Isn't it amazing, too, how they understand pretending? That is a pretty abstract concept, really. I always knew I would love watching my child learn. But I could never have known how engaging it would be guiding, watching, marveling... and learning myself.