Monday, April 07, 2008

A Walk In The Park

We've been shuffling Creed around with our friends to work on the house and since the weather is beautiful today seemed like the perfect day to take a break and do things Creed enjoys. We went to storytime at the library, played at the park, and took a long wagon ride around the neighborhood. I made him wear a hat since it was so sunny The only one I could find was a bit too big, but he kept it on and he looked so grown up, even if he insisted on wearing it sideways for a good portion of the day.
Doesn't he look a little like Spanky?
He would have been content outside all day and I felt bad making him go in for an afternoon nap. To make it up to him, as soon as Larry got home we went back to the park for a picnic.
Swings were swung.

Drinks were ordered.
And promptly splashed in our faces.

Funny faces were made.
And we went home all smiles.


Megan said...

So so cute...but I must comment here...the rule in our home is that your bill must point in the direction of your future. :) No time like the present to begin driving the point home!

Anna said...

Steph you take great photos. I'm so impressed. You'll have to give me some tips when you get to Utah. I love your posts, you and Larry (and Creed) always seem to be doing something fun. :)

Eva-Christina Jorgensen said...

he does kind of look like spanky. but cuter.