Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Columbus Corners - Homestead Park

Recently my sisters and I have complained that they just don't make playground like they used to because all of our favorite playground equipment is now deemed unsafe; no teeter-totters, no Merry-go-rounds, no super-tall swings (never mind that I would never let Creed on a playground merry-go-round like the one I used to love). Every playground I've seen lately seems like it has the same old generic equipment. Well, never fear, there are still some amazing, original parks out there and one of my favorites just really upgraded.

Have you been to Homestead Park lately? I already loved how different it was from other parks in the area. It still has the caboose kids can climb on, it still has the fishing pond, it still has the huge wooden fort with built-in squirt guns (at least I think the squirt guns were just stored for the winter). But now, my friends, you need to head back to the park because they have an incredible new playground. The playgrounds on the south side of the park could use a bit of rehab, so head to the north playground and check it out.

They have a crazy triple-slide

All sorts of things to climb on

including this cool jungle gym/sculpture

And two of these cavesCreed's favorite is still the sandbox, but Larry and I loved the rest of the park so much we headed back a few nights later with Nikki, David and Audrey (do public sandboxes like this make anyone else a bit uncomfortable too?)


Kim said...

I can never get enough pictures of that cutie. I can't wait until you move here so I can see him in person. XOXO

lisa (lost pezhead) said...

i'll have to try that park out again...we went about 3 yrs ago and evan got a bloody nose when he fell on the cement...it seemed like there was too much cement/sidewalks around to be very good for a beginning walker.

Eva Jorgensen said...

i miss the old school playgrounds. remember those really big rocketships with the huge slides from the top?