Sunday, April 20, 2008

Columbus Corners - North Market

As I'm thinking about the places that I'll miss, I'll be featuring some places around town that may be a little more familiar to some of you, but I have to recommend them because I'll miss them and this way I can think about all of you visiting them. The other day I had two of my favorite people up for a lunch adventure so we decided to head to the North Market.
The North Market is in an old warehouse right in between downtown and the Short North. Unlike a lot of downtown lunch spots, the North Market has plenty of space for parking and a discounted rate as long as you remember to bring your ticket in to be validated at one of the booths. I generally avoid the lunchtime rush if I can, but after about 1:00 things really slow down and it is be a bit easier to roam the booths. Saturdays are also busy, but worth it if you want to go to the Farmer's Market there on Saturdays throughout the summer. I usually don't go on Mondays because many of the vendors are closed on Mondays.It's one of my favorite places to meet friends for lunch because there is so much variety and everyone can get what they want in one places. There are delis, Chinese, an amazing Pasta place, great Japanese at Nida's, and beautiful desserts like these in the case at Mozart's.
Jess opted for Indian, and I wish I had noticed the sign for fresh ginger lemonade because that sounds wonderful.

I like to be adventurous and used to try something new every time I visited, but since Larry introduced me to the Vietnamese at Lac Viet, I can't resist it. Larry and I usually each order a number one (a sandwich I don't need to be able to pronounce to enjoy, and it is my very favorite sandwich in the whole wide world) and then we split one of the noodle bowls. Great food and it's cheap!Per tradition I ordered the number one, but skipped the noodles and opted to visit my other favorite North Market vendor, Jeni's Ice Cream! I suggest you do the same!

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Larry said...

I suggest (if not allergic) the #5 - I think - it's clear rolls with shrimp, deliciously slimy noodles, and cilantro there at Lac Viet.