Saturday, April 05, 2008


There have been a lull in posts here because we have been busy, busy, busy. Our house is going on the market and I'm feeling:
Sad to sell our first home, that I love more than I thought I could in a city we've fallen in love with.
Tired after so much work, and we still are not quite done.
Grateful for all of the friends who have helped watch Creed so we could get things done.
Hopeful that the selling process will go well.
Nervous that we won't be able to find a place to rent that we can afford in Salt Lake.
Reluctant to move onto the next stage in our life when we're so very happy with life right now.

We've been so busy getting the house ready that we haven't had much time to focus on anything else. We're busy doing things that we really should have done when we moved in three years ago. We've never put any effort into our bedroom so you don't walk in and think, "Wow, what a master suite." We've cleaned up, taken the TV out, added new curtains, and finally put up some pictures. I want our engagement pictures to go in these frames, but since we're keeping personal photos to a minimum, I had to come up with something temporary to go in them and I didn't have a lot of time so this is what I came up with.

They are actually 8 x 10's in large frames, but they look small in this photo above our king size bed. I just put concentric circles in turquoise and brown and added some of our favorite words at the bottom of each one. We picked Thrive, Shine, Play, and Be. Which words would you choose?

It reminds me of one of Ali Edwards projects with the words she picks to focus on each year (and speaking of Ali Edwards, the other day Larry asked me all excited, "Steph, did you see that ALI EDWARDS commented on your blog?" I actually thought it was my friend Ali, but he had clicked on the link to Ali Edwards blog and I think that it's cute that he noticed and that he even knows who Ali Edwards is!) Basically we're just trying to make things look as inviting as possible. Hopefully someone will want to move right in!


Heather said...

I bet you'll sell real quick - anybody would be a fool not to snap up your inviting house. Let's get together this week, the time is growing short!

Reba said...

Your house will go quickly, and be a steal for whoever gets it!

I love your concentric circles--very cool, and the words you chose. I've been thinking about finding a cool way to display the word "Abundance" . . .

Megan said...

Paint that little entry in black concrete paint. It'll give a "landing spot" to that cute red door! SUPER durable, and really cleans up concrete.

Kim said...

Lookin' good Steph. I hope your house sells quickly too. It will be so hard for you to leave Kat and all of your many other friends. You know the area so well and always find so many fun things to do. Hopefully, living close to your family will help make this new adventure fun too. We are looking forward to making new memories with you, Larry and Creed. How about a trip to Lake Tahoe? When can you go?

Elisa said...

Lovin' the framed art, very cute.

Salt Lake is a tough market, good luck with the sell and the search. I think you should look into Davis county:)

Anna said...

looking good. If you need help finding something in SLC let me know. I know the area really well and we are on the hunt too since we are temporarily living in my grandma's house. Let me know what you're looking for and I'll see if I come across anything good.