Sunday, April 27, 2008

Columbus Corners - Historic Downtown Powell

We've had a busy week, and I'm behind on blogging so I have pictures to feature about eight Columbus Corners, but let's start with one of my favorites, Historic Downtown Powell. Ok, technically it's not IN Columbus, but it's an easy drive and a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon.

Jessica and I try to have Wednesday dates a few times a month because she doesn't work on Wednesdays so we go adventuring. We first explored Powell with the Zozzes, and since they are moving out of their house this week, it only seemed natural to spend one last afternoon there.

To get there from Columbus, take Sawmill North of I-270 for a ways and then turn right (east) on Olentangy Road and follow it until you see lots of cute little shops. I'm a little worried about Downtown Powell because there's a lot of construction going on and my favorite part about it is the small original boutiques so I hope that they don't get squeezed out by chains with all of the new buildings going up and changes happening. That said, there are some really fun new boutiques right now so hopefully Powell will stick with that trend and it will just get better and better.

If I only had time for two shops, my personal favorites are Bloomsbury Loft and The Collection (The Collection is actually on Depot Street a little North of Olentangy). I can't afford most things at the collection, but I love going there for new ideas because every time I step foot in there,
it's completely different. They are constantly rearranging and repainting and coming up with the coolest collections of things. I could do a whole post just about the different cool ways they've painted their walls and arranged things on them. I didn't have my camera so Jess snagged a few pictures of our outing for me on her handy dandy I-Phone. Here's a canopy that I think would be so fun in a kid',s room covering the bed and more (plus I just noticed the bookshelves with the pediments to the right that are pretty cool too.)And oh how I love Bloomsbury Loft! They actually do have a few things that I can afford, and I'm always wowed by the unique things they carry. And now, they too carry Amy Butler fabric. We should have taken a few more pictures because this photo is in a room at the back of the store and doesn't quite capture Bloomsbury Loft's spirit, but it does include a very cute baby. The owner of Bloomsbury could not be nicer and she's full of information about items they carry and other things to check out around town. I love these new fabric frames from Georgia that she just started carrying. Aren't they so cool?
If you're heading there with kids there are a few things in town that they will love and the promise to visit them just might allow you to check out a few shops. First is a new bakery started by some women from our church called Beehive Bakery. It's in the new shopping center just south of Olentangy on Liberty. Most of the shops in the center aren't open yet, but the bakery is and it's down at the end so don't miss it!
Everything we tried was amazing and Jess and I both ended up heading home with delicious bread.
But Donny told Jess, she better bring him back a cupcake from the Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery too and a trip to Powell really isn't complete without a stop there anyway.
And last, but not least, Powell has an awesome spray park for kids. The water was still off for the winter, but it should be on again soon and I can't wait to take Creed there. It's so nice to have a spot where he can get soaked without the worry of drowning. Oh, and not to mention, the Columbus Zoo isn't far either.
So have you been to Downtown Powell? What's your favorite stop?

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lisa (lost pezhead) said...

thanks so much for posting these columbus corners! there are so many places i still need to explore!