Monday, April 07, 2008

Creed's first boy/girl party

The night before Audrey's party Larry asked me, "What should Creed wear to Audrey's party? He's got to look GOOD!" I told him that I had no idea, it didn't matter to me what he wore. The next morning Larry told me that he had a plan, we should dress Creed up in a dress shirt, bow tie, and sport coat and give him flowers to bring to Audrey. The next morning Larry did just that. He even slicked Creed's hair to the side. He looked so adorable. Here he is on Audrey's front porch looking like he has the first date jitters.

And here is a blurry picture of the whole ensemble. I thought he looked like such a cute little nerd, but Larry has informed me that he did NOT look like a nerd, his outfit was based specifically on Indiana Jones (his professor outfit, not what he wears on his adventures).He warmed up when he saw Audrey.

Audrey wasn't sure what to think of the flowers.
But she loved the cake. Check Nikki's blog later for more photos.
Thank you Nikki and David for a wonderful party for an adorable girl.


Mickell Evans Gehret said...

Stephanie. . .I am not stalking you honestly! I just like to see how everyone is doing. YOur little boy is sooo cute. I love his hair! By the way, you are way talented. I would totally buy the stuff you make!

J.R., Meg, and Alyssa said...

Creed looks too cute all dressed up, bow tie, and hair combed so neatly!

Nikki said...

I fairly certain that none of Audrey's boyfriends are going to live up to the high standard set by Creed! Thank you for being a part of Audrey's special day and for being such fun and loving friends!