Wednesday, November 14, 2007

We're Baaaa-aaack!

Larry had a surprise few days off so we drove to Tennessee because we hadn't met this little guy, Marissa's baby Logan! We drove down on Friday and then spent Saturday at the Lost Seas (A mystery that I'll have to describe later because I forgot my camera and I don't have pictures from the Garners yet)(edited to add: Marissa just posted her lost seas pictures so you can see them on her blog here). Then Lucky for us, we happen to be there the night the rodeo was in town so Logan, Creed, and I got to experience our first rodeo (big time stuff in this part of TN).

Larry and Mike even sported Rodeo sweatshirts

And my face is frozen in an awkward expression in this picture because this cowboy's hand was getting a little too low! Ahhhhhhhh!
Creed had a ball and Marissa and Mike's. I think Creed and Logan will be chums. They look at each other and smile a lot, but we had to give Creed the remote in this picture so he wouldn't maul poor Logan.All weekend Marissa and Mike called Creed "Giant Baby" and looking at these pictures I guess I can see why. What a difference five months can make!

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Marissa Joy said...

I love the post. Funny stuff. We miss you already! I wish we were getting together for thanksgiving too but atleast we will see you in a few weeks.