Sunday, November 04, 2007

I looked out the window, and what did I see?

Autumn is here and with the cold weather comes all sort of nasty viruses. Unfortunately our poor Creedicus had a visit from the Croup bug! He was so sick Thursday night we almost took him to the emergency room even though Larry's a doctor and we knew he had Croup and there wasn't anything they could do for him that we weren't already doing. It was so sad listening to his raspy breaths and barking coughs as he curled up in a ball next to us and struggled to sleep. It didn't get him down for long though. Even with his nasty cough and slimy nose, he's been a pretty happy baby during the day.
Last week I was so excited to see the tree in our front yard changing color.I was even more excited to take Creed out to play in the leaves this weekend, but he did not feel the same way about them. I'll spare you the crying picture that came right after this one.

And I just found these pictures from the other day and thought they were funny enough to share. Here he is pondering the meaning of life.
Let's hope he never really needs glasses because I'm thinking these are not a good look for him.

We wouldn't want to hide those beautiful blue eyes!

This kid is getting so big! Last week we learned that he can crawl up stairs (with Larry behind him of course). Who knows, maybe he could have done it earlier, that was just the first oportunity we gave him. Today he started clapping. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but he did it again tonight. Who knows what will be next?

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emily kate said...

Those glasses are so cute! Sorry to hear Creed was sick but hope he's feeling better now!

By the way, I need to e-mail you and ask some questions about the life of a med-student's wife. :)