Monday, November 19, 2007

Just playing around

Creed and I have been enjoying Larry's free time this month. We're still busy experiencing a lot of first with Creed. His first slide (which he didn't care about at all)
And here he is at the zoo. He's starting to love animals so even though it was freezing, he loved the zoo last week.

This is his favorite spot at home. I love sitting on the couch and watching the top of his little head pop over the edge of the couch.
He also got to watch OSU beat Michigan for the first time. We watched the game with our friends the Rices (note Tony's arm is in a cast because he broke his hand last week punching the florr as OSU was losing to Illinois. Yikes!)
Saturday night he had a playdate with Audrey and it's so fun watching them crawl all over each other. At one point they both had their binkies in while they tried to steal each other's binkies.


Heather said...

So glad Larry's around a bit more this month! Love those tigers at the zoo. And Creed's sweater in the last picture --too cute.

Kim said...

You always look so happy and are always doing fun things. Wish we were doing them together. Creed is so cute. I love his sweater too. Go Buckeyes!

Larry said...

Look how good Steph looks in these pictures. My wife is HOT!

DehnerFam said...

You've been tagged... If you don't know what that means check my blog.

osulindleys said...

Larry is right, Steph you are a babe! You are so photogenic!

Reba said...

Another vote for you being a babe. Love the sunglasses and the blue scarf, white coat combo.