Monday, November 26, 2007

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

There are many benefits to having a blog: I don't have to pester my family with large emails full of pictures of Creed, they can check in when they want to; I have a record of our life; if a catastrophe strikes I'll be able recover some pictures from our blog; I'm awful at keeping in touch but it's so easy to catch up through blogs; and the best benefit of all, I'm making new friends and getting back in touch with old friends.

A few months ago Tenay, one of my college roommates found me and then through Tenay's blog, our other rommate Sarah found me. I was so happy to hear from both of them and I love seeing what they are up to on their blogs.

I went to junior high and the beginning of high school in Hawaii, and last month my friend Malia found my blog. She knows one of my little sister's friends and followed links to my blog. What are the chances of that?

I've also made a few new blogging friends. It makes me wonder who is out there that I might be missing. How many of my old friends have blogs that I don't even know about? And are there any lurkers on my blog out there that I could be friends with?


John and Lindsey said...

Thanks to Malia- she also linked our blogs! When/where was that picture taken? LOL! You still haven't sent me your email address so I can let you in to my blog!!! jlpiercefamily "at" gmail dot com.

malia said...

that picture is great!
i'm so glad to keep in touch with you too. it's so fun to see how everyone is.
you should check out google analytics. they have fun stuff there.

Heather said...

I know Tenay, and the girl to the left of her in the picture. Don't remember how I know them, of course. I just found my college roommate from Hawaii through a blog. Love it. Thanks for getting me started Steph. Great job on the "wattle!" I'm impressed.

lisa h. said...

i found my best friend in 6th grade through facebook...kinda similar was so cool to be reunited through the internet!!!

Melissa said...

I linked to your webpage months ago from some other person's website, I don't even remember who's, but found you and your blog very fun and interesting, and decided to stay! Sorry for never commenting. I just continue to be amazed at your craftiness, your fun parties, and your travels around Ohio. I love all of those things too. I live in SLC, so we'll live close when you and your husband and Creed come next year! So...hi! My blog is if you are interested. :)

Suzie said...

I linked on your page through your sisters blog who I found through another blog. I then realized she was Candice who wrote for CK and had admired her work for a while.
I lurked at both your blogs and marveled at the creative talent of one family.
More to the story...
I then found that your fathers photography was some that I had admired for years and that my FIL had purchased a print for his office.
I was then talking to a good friend & neighbor and she was mentioning that her brother was off to New York to pursue his acting career and somehow we linked it back to Candice/Hubby/You/Bro Borup...
It's a small, small bloggy world.

Oh, and that adorable son of yours is enough to smile any ol' day.
You're a great mom.

kate said...

I started my blog a long time ago but then I would only update it every five months which is pretty much useless. I've been better lately but I'm still hesitant to share it with people because it's pretty amatuer and definitely not crafty and creative like yours. Anyway... here it is:
I hope everything is going well for you.
ps. Creed is one cute baby!

Calvin Family said...

I happened upon your blog a while ago. I think you are amazing! You are so creative & fun. Plus, little Creed is just adorable. I atteneded Jr. High, High School & Church with your husband Larry. Tell him hello from Katie (Durham) Calvin. Our blog is calvinfamily dot blogspot dot com. Again, I think you are AMAZING!

Heather said...

I've been admiring your talent for over a year now!!! Sorry I didn't comment sooner! I promise i'm not a stalker! I found your blog through your friend Melinda, i'm friends with her friend. My husband went on his mission to Columbus, so your blog caught my eye! Your family is soooo creative! How do you guy's do it? Creed is ADORABLE! If you need a playmate for him when you move to Utah i've got 2 boys!