Thursday, November 16, 2006

Nursery Ideas

Larry and I will most likely only live in our house for another year and a half before we move away for Larry's fellowship (although there's always a chance that we could end up staying here) so I feel free to create a totally boy or girl nursery instead of worrying about being gender neutral in case we have another baby and it's not the same sex. I had so many cute ideas for a girly room, but not so much for a boy's room. I'm not really into character themes in nurseries or on clothes, I just want something original and fun. I'm starting to collect ideas that catch my eye and here's a few that I've gathered so far.

I really like these animal wallies from Pottery Barn. They come in packs of 48 so you can make a border all the way around the room and I love their simple clean lines. And bonus, they are easy to remove so we can take them down when we sell the house. They also have a big giraffe in this collection, but it's pricey.

This picture is a nursery that scrapbooker Heidi Swapp is putting together. One of my sisters hates it and thinks it looks like a jail cell, but I think that's partially due to the tiny size of this room. I love ice blue and chocolate brown together and think this would be a fun way to incorporate them. You can't really tell in this small picture, but Heidi put some little bird shapes on the wall before they painted the black stripes and then peeled them off to create little pink birds. I think you could use the same technique to put little blue stars all over the brown stripes.

This picture is from some random magazine that I was flipping through awahile ago and I can't remember the name of it to give them credit. I don't know if you can really see it here, but I love the scallop pattern they used to separate the green and the blue. Maybe light blue on the top with a bright blue on the bottom or light blue on the top with brown on the bottom. I'm just not sure how I would create the scallops, but I'm sure we could figure it out.

So far this is my favorite nursery. I love how the walls are painted (I'm sure Larry is looking at this and groaning because that would be a pain to paint and I'm not even sure how we would do it, but I'm in love with it). I also love the simple bedding. I thought that white would be a nightmare with a baby, but my friend says she loves it because she can just bleach it clean.

Any thoughts or ideas to add?

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kim said...

On the last nursery that you loved, paint the whole room the light blue color and then tape off the stripes for the darker blue color and paint in between the paint lines. Use blue painter's tape and get the edge down well with a credit card so you don't have bleeding under the tape. Use a foam plate and mark how deep you want you scallop to go. Trace that on the wall with chalk or a light pencil mark and hand paint the edge. Just an idea. mom