Friday, November 10, 2006

Keeping busy

So today is the big day. I know it's going to kill me to hold onto the envelope all day and wait to find out if we are having a boy or a girl until we get together with our friends tonight, but it will be so much more fun that way. I just hope my doctor will be able to tell because it would be kind of funny to gather everyone together to open an envelope that just says, "I'm not sure."

So to keep me busy, my friend Katherine planned a girls' night to go get ice cream and Jeni's, but them her daughter got sick and she couldn't come.

So this picture is for Katherine because I promised to try to remember some of the unusual flavors for her. You can order three miniture scoops for the price of about one scoop so I got apple cider 5 spice sorbet, pumpkin 5 spice, and butternut squash with handmade candied pralines (which was surprisingly my favorite).Right now they are having a Marie Antoinette special with flavors that are authentic to her time: Orange Flower with Preserved Fruits & Chocolate, Toasted Brioche with Butter & Jam, Star Anise & Candied Fennel , and Pear Riesling. Visiting Jeni's is always such a fun adventure.

And speaking of fun adventures, I'm really enjoying being on the nomination committee for the Cybil Awards (although the hard work hasn't started yet because the open nomination period doesn't end until November 20th). My committee is amazing. One of the women, Kelly, is the one who started the idea for the Cybils Awards by venting about other award winners. Another is also on the Newberry Award Committee. I just love having so many fun people to talk to about the newest books, not to mention another perk that began this week. I've been opening my mailbox to find new books shipped free fom publishers who have had books nominated. Who wouldn't love to find this in their mail?


Jordan said...

So, I'm dying to find out what you're having...

kim borup said...

Congratulations Stephanie and Larry. We are very excited. Now we can start buying cute things for the right sex. We saw the cutest baby decor at Gardner village. What do you need me to be on the look out for? Candice said you already have lots of things. (Notice I didn't give your news away before you had a chance to write about it in your blog. Love and miss you, Mom