Monday, November 20, 2006

Go Bucks!

Life in Columbus can get ugly if the Buckeyes loose, especially to Michigan, but luckily that didn't happen this weekend. We get together to watch most of the games with the friends that we made our first year here, back when all of our husbands were students. So much has changed since then, but we still have just as much fun together. I wish I remembered to take a picture of the whole group, but instead you just get a picture of me and Larry in our OSU hoodies.

Now it's on to the National Championship game on January 8th!


Melinda said...

You know, at 16 I never would've guessed we'd each turn out as big sports fans. But, just look at us! So much fun!

Larry said...

GO BUCKS!!! Phew, is all I have to say. There were a few Michigan fans up here in the ICU where I'm working for the month, and there was more than a little contention. But it's settled and the good guys won!

Kate Murphy said...

Can you beleive the National Championship is in the town where I live and I'm a Buckeye fan and I'm going to MISS IT? If you guys happen upon tickets you are welcome to stay at my empty house while we're on vacation that week!!

Anonymous said...

this is Ayn here.
you are prego!! Congradulations!! and a boy!!
happy days, and im excited for you both.
Did you ever learn how to screen print?
Cuz, I know how. Ask me any questions about it.

I just got back from being in London, and there
were Mr. Potato head crisps, but the bag was to
big, and there was no way i could fit them into my
suitcase.. but I thought of you when I saw them.
hope all is well.


Jess's Mom said...

Hey Steph! I finally updated my poor excuse for a blog. :-) You do such a wonderful job with yours. Jess says congrats on the baby, she is very excited for you. She has an English teacher, Katie Will, this yeaar that reminds her of you. I met her at Parent teacher conference and I agreed. She's very nice! Miss you!

Love Deb

Kristi Brooke said...

hey girl, i just put your ribbon in the mail today, i put it aside before the holiday and just did not get it out.
get ready good ribbon coming your way...