Friday, November 03, 2006

More New Things

OK, so you all know that each year on my birthday, however old I’m turning, I set a goal to try that many new things. Last year I was 25 and I surpassed my goal. You can mock the idea as much as you want, but it’s all about being an interesting person and developing new interests and continuing to grow now that I’m finished with my formal education. Now I’m trying to get started on my 26 new things for this year before I get caught up in the holidays. So far I have three things:

  1. I went apple picking
  2. I’m on the nominating committee for Middle grade fiction books for The Cybils
  3. I threw an Alfred Hitchcock party (do you think this counts? I’ve thrown a Halloween party before, but never really one with a theme)

There are already a few major things I’m planning to try this year. Having a baby is the first one that comes to mind :) I’d also love to finish writing a book and work on submitting it for publication. Even if it never gets published, it would still be a big accomplishment.

Anyway, I was thinking about this list yesterday when I came across an article about a Paper, Rock, Scissors tournament in German Village (it probably only caught my eye because on Sunday Larry was reading an article on how to be a Paper, Rock, Scissors champion). Too bad we already have plans for tonight because how cool would it be to be able to put, “Entered a Paper, Rock, Scissors Tournament” on my list of new things for this year? Maybe I was born to be a Paper, Rock, Scissors champion and I don’t even know it.

So what new things are you going to try this year and what do I need to ad to my list of things I want to attempt?


Anonymous said...

You do so many fun things that it will be hard for you to think of 26 new things to become or do. I'll tell you what. I really enjoyed taking a drawing class last year. It was a class where we drew live models. (Yes, they were dressed.) That might be a fun thing to try.

Beazer said...

Stephanie- what an awesome plan. It sounds like the perfect way to stretch and not become dormant in life. It's too easy to just get caught up in the "every day routine." Thanks for the idea! I'll be giving it a try in January.

Larry said...

Your can try to set the record for the most kissing of your husband in one day. Just an idea...