Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween remnants

Halloween is over and we’ve packed up our decorations, but somehow it still spread throughout the rest of the week. This was the second year in a row that Larry had to work overnight on Halloween so he missed his favorite holiday. I thought that I would be lonely at home passing out the treats, but I had plenty of friends stop by to keep me company. In Central Ohio Trick-or-treating AKA Beggar’s Night is very regulated. Our first four years here they didn’t hold Beggar’s Night on Halloween, but the city got so many complaints about it that they finally changed it to Halloween last year. Trick-or-treating is only supposed to go from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. and when I got home from work at exactly 6:00 there were two boys that were probably ten-years-old standing in my driveway waiting for me. They remembered that I gave out fill-size candy bars last year so they wanted to hit my house first this year. I was glad I was giving out full-size candy bars again so I didn’t have to disappoint. That may sound crazy to you, but I live in a very private little neighborhood that’s surrounded by a rock quarry so we only get kids from our neighborhood and I only ended up having about 50 trick-or-treaters, which isn’t too expensive (and that’s including a couple of kids who came back twice. Now it’s one thing when random kids on their own come back twice, but these kids parents brought them back a second time!)

Larry was still in the Halloween spirit last night so when he got home he asked me to go check out how some houses that he passes on his commute were decorated. I can tell he’s already dreaming of future Halloweens. Later that night he went to see The Nightmare Before Christmas which he’s been dying to see in theaters 3-D. I was glad our friend Jason also wanted to go because I didn’t have to go.

I ran to Target during my lunch break yesterday and I was so happy to see them unpacking all of the Christmas decorations. As I left work big snowflakes started falling from the sky, and I felt so ready to move onto Thanksgiving and Christmas. All month if anyone said the words Christmas or Thanksgiving to Larry he would jokingly cover his ears and shout, “I will not let you take away from my Halloween!” So last night I was tempted to cover my ears and shout to Larry, “I will not let you take away from my Thanksgiving and Christmas!” but I figured he deserved one more night to celebrate Halloween since he missed the real thing.

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candice said...

I love you guys! I wish I was closer. candice