Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Ollie's birthday party was thrown together last minute after we switched from a farm theme to dinosaurs since he really loves dinosaurs, and it turned out to be so easy and fun.  On his birthday, I used some craft paper and sparkly gold craft foam that I had on hand to decorate the kitchen with dinosaurs so we decided to stick with gold dinosaurs for the party too.
 I spray painted a few plastic dinosaurs from the dollar section gold and added party hats to match one that I made for Ollie
 And we used one to top the giant chocolate cake that we picked up from Magleby's Fresh (I've been dying to try making a cake topper since I saw the idea here.)
 Dinosaur Footprints led guests up to our front door.

 And once the guest arrived, each little cousin got their very own dinosaur tail and we had a dinosaur stomp.  Their little dinosaur tails swishing made all the grown-ups smile. Thanks to my friend Wendy who helped me hastily put these together the night before.  I used this great tutorial except I used faux metallic leather (you should have seen Larry's eye bulge when I walked if with that fabric. He thought I was insane)
 The only other thing we did to decorate was change the chalk canvas in the living room to match.

 Ollie thought it was pretty great.
 We snacked on Bagels and fruit, Ollie's favorites.
 And then he couldn't wait to dive into that chocolate cake.

 Even though he is only two and didn't really need a party, it was nice to see him enjoy being the center of attention for a day.
And we loved  having an excuse to get together with our family. (Doesn't my niece Lucy look adorable in her scalloped dino tail?)

 The next day Ollie put his hat and tail back on and he was ready to do it all again.
 He wears that tail all the time and everything is cuter when you have a tail accompanying you. (And yes, we totally ate chocolate cake for breakfast the next day, and we didn't even touch half of the cake)


Krista Hansen said...

Your boys are so cute! I really LOVE the tails too. So fun!

Anonymous said...

You are the most creative party/occasion planner ever! I look forward to seeing these posts... just love your awesome ideas and implementation. Wowzers!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those tails are killer! I never would have thought to do them in gold. Great job!
-Teresa :)

Alison said...

so so so amazing!

Kate said...

Totally great! I cannot believe you just threw this party together last minute! Are you kidding?! LOVE it!

mamatree said...

Hi! Would you mind sharing how you did your chalkboard canvas?! I want to try and make one, too. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!