Monday, May 21, 2012

Living a Colorful Life

When I asked Creed what kind of birthday party he wanted to have, he said he wanted a party where you throw colored powder all over each other (he saw it in a Regina Spector music video). As luck would have it, just two days after his birthday there was a Holi Festival of Colors at the Hari Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork so we were able to easily make his dream come true.

Larry and I have been to the festival before and it is crazy and fun, but we wouldn't have been able to take Creed without help from Larry Uncle and Aunt who live nearby.  They let us park at their house and shuttled us over to the festival and they watched Ollie, and they let us use their air compressor to clean off afterwards (which was amazing).  

The festival is huge.  This year they had 80,000 people attend so we went as early as possible with our friends Wendy and Joseph and we met up with a few of Larry's cousins just in time for the first color throw (they do it several times a day, but it gets more and more crowded so we were glad to leave as things were getting too crowded).  Creed was so excited.  We went up to the top of the temple to get at good look at the crowd and then we met up with our little group on the edge of the crowd to throw colors.
 We brought goggles for Creed, but he refused to wear them.
 He had the time of his life.

 Ollie thought the colors on everyone were hilarious
 And Creed went home looking like a happy little zombie, and talking about how we HAVE to go every year!


MeganRuth said...

Fabulous pictures!

TX Girl said...

You are undoubtedly the coolest mom ever. I don't think I'd want to do it because of the mess!!

His teeth. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Holi Awesomeness! We are doing this next year. There is a festival an hour from our house.

Anoosh said...

That is sooo cool! Makes for fantastic photos. Creed sure does look like he had the time of his life :)

amyh said...

Yay Holi! It looks like you had a ton of fun.

Nikki said...

I cannot show Audrey's these photos . . . she would be SO jealous! You are such a fun loving family, Steph & Larry!

Flora Dylan said...

Unbelievable, most colorful birthday party i have ever seen :)
Just loved the concept and snaps as well.

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