Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's so fun celebrating Creed's birthday now that he really gets what a birthday is.  I love seeing him bursting with excitement of the tiniest birthday details.  I wanted him to have a surprise right off the bat so I picked up twelve star-shaped balloons and stuck them all over his room at different heights (a trick I learned from Candice when we decorated with tons of balloons for New Year's Eve)

 Creed was so cute when I woke him up for preschool
 He asked if he could keep the balloons up forever, and when I explained that would not work, he said we should at least do this every year for his birthday because he loved it.  I'm pretty sure he actually woke up before I came in to wake him for preschool and he pretended to be asleep so he wouldn't spoil the surprise.
 HE got the be the helper at preschool which is a pretty big deal.
 My friend Wendy offered to stay with Ollie during his nap so I could take Creed to see a movie.  He chose The Lorax in 3-D and I knew who he'd picked when I told him he could bring a friend.
 When Lydia's mom dropped her off, she joked that Lydia's dad said this was like a chaperoned first date.  It turns out Creed and Lydia took this date seriously.  I looked over during the movie and Creed had lifted up the armrest, slid over, and slipped his arm around Lydia. They watched the whole movie like this
We went to get cupcakes afterward. They sat down while I was paying, and when I tried to join them, Creed whispered, "Ummm, Mom, we're on a real date here so can you just take that extra chair away so we can sit by ourselves?"  Haha!
 Then they walked to the car like this, and he even insisted on walking her to the door when we dropped her off.  How does he even know to do that?
 Larry got home shortly after the movie and it was time for presents.  I picked out a magic set for him.
 He got the Mother Gothel Doll he's been asking about for ages (Seriously, I don't know another kid out there who would beg for that)
 And the thing he wanted more than anything else in the world?  A Rapunzel doll soft enough to cuddle with at night.
 It is his prize possession!
 We slipped a Wii game in there too, and he seems pretty happy about it.
 And then, the Grande Finale: With a little late night help from my dad, we put a pulley up in the living room.  It is without a doubt the most played with item in out house.
 I bought this pulley over a year ago, and we've been waiting for just the right moment to give it to the kids. I just wish I'd thought to spend that year looking for a pretty plastic bucket that wouldn't scratch our wall. So far, it hasn't been a problem though.

I know the whole setup looks a little crazy in our living room, but when it's hoisted up, you don't even notice it in the room, and it's on a hook so we can easily take it down if our kids ever stopped playing with it long enough for us to take a break from it.
As you might expect, we now have a permanent pile of random odds and ends up in the loft. It's amazing what you can find to send up in that bucket.

Larry had plans to take the boys to Mr. Cheese's while I was out that night, but Creed just wanted to stay home and play with his pulley and the swing we surprised him with in the basement so our evil plan to put Chuck E Cheese out of business is working.
Oh boy, we adore this kid!


Kirsten said...

Birthdays are so fun, I'm glad we have one coming up to celebrate!

I have to ask where you got that pulley, I've been wanting to put one up, we have a great place for it! And that one is way cute

kirsten said...

Ad I am having a hard time leaving the right blog (stupid autocorrect)

Melinda said...

Oh, how I love that boy! You are a cool Mom!!

Steph said...


The pulley is Haba's Block and Tackle. It runs around $60, but I lucked out and got it on Amazon for $10 (which is why I bought it way before we needed it).

mer said...

OK, but I'm dying over that "first date" what little ladies man. And Rapunzel is a hottie, good taste kid. We miss you guys. Let's do burritos at that one place you rave about some night when Larry has off.


Kate said...

I am just totally in love with the whole "first date" part of this! Hilarious and totally awesome in every way! I love his gifts and the balloon idea. Happy Birthday to Creed!

229 Allensworth said...

where did you buy the pulley? i want to add one to my playscape!