Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Simple Joys of Turning Four

Creed turned four two weeks ago, and I'm still shocked at the reality that I have a child that old.  How did that happen so quickly?  Larry took the day off and we spent it just being together.  We tried to fill his day with things we knew would bring him joy like this giant number four balloon he's been begging me to buy at the party store.  I knew he would be thrilled.

We wrapped his presents up in black and yellow because he was having a bee birthday party later that week with his friends.  It looks like a lot, but some of them were pretty dinky and most of them were picked up at after Christmas sales.  Of course when you are four, a pile of presents is the most thrilling thing in the world to wake to.
He got right to work opening presents 
 And put them all to use immediately
 Ollie got in on the action too.  In fact he has claimed these Minion goggles and wears them all the time.

 We feasted on donuts (Have you been to Beyond Glazed?  Wow!  So sugary, but so good)

 And while the boys played.  I threw together a birthday shirt.  I dug through his dresser until I found an unworn shirt that he wouldn't miss.  Then I printed out a big four on cardstock.
 I just used a sharpie to trace the number and fill it in a little and wallah!  So simple but it did the job!
We let Creed pick the activity for the day and he had his heart set on bowling.  I asked him why bowling, he hasn't even been bowling, but he told me that he had a feeling that he would really like it so he should try it.

 By the end, he didn't need our help.
 I thought he might get competitive, but most of the time, he didn't even watch for the pins to fall, he rushed back to watch his ball magically reappear in the ball return.
 He loved the arcade too.  I do not love arcades, but birthdays are all about special treats you would normally say no to, right?
 Ollie enjoyed the Dance-Dance Revolution

 Then we headed home to make a cake.  I was going to make it ahead of time, but Creed really wanted to help so I let him go for it.
 It wasn't anything special, but it had Cat's brown sugar frosting, and he told me that I was the best cook in the whole world.
 I hope all his birthday wishes came true!


The Jensen Family said...

Happy Birthday Creed! I am glad you had such a fun birthday and you got to "play" bowling. love you

Kate @ Love and Kate said...

Beautiful birthday! Happy Birthday to Creed!

Mom said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I am so tickled that you used my recipe!! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Creed! Stephanie... what is the super cute letter thing Creed is using with his daddy? Super cute party by the way!!
Lauren Pratt