Friday, April 15, 2011

Clothes Make the Man, I mean, Boy

Creed is wearing 5T clothes these days, which makes me very sad; not because he's growing up, but because he'll soon be moving from toddler sizes to boys' sizes and the cuteness factor seems to plummet at this divide.  Candice warned me a few years ago that once I had to start shopping for Creed in the boys' department it would get much harder to find cute things, and she was right.  

I've mentioned before that I like to shop ahead and stockpile clothes the next size up because I hate paying full-price for anything, and I hate being stuck choosing from whatever is available at the moment because Creed has to have longer pants or the next size up in shorts right away.  

I've been looking for some tees for Creed that meet the balance between being cool enough for Creed's tastes (he's very opinionated about these things) and still maintaining enough happy boyish charm for me (he is only four afterall).  Here are a few of my favorites at the moment.  They are all a little spendy, but if you can catch them onsale, I'm finding these more expensive brands last longer and are still in good enough condition to pass down to Ollie so they are worth it to me.
 Kickball Legend on sale now at JCrew (Creed barely knows what kickball is, but this shirt makes me laugh.  I would totally wear this shirt if they made it in my size)
 Cycle on sale at the Gap
 Creed just spotted this one from Tea Collection over my shoulder and is begging me to buy it because for reasons that I cannot explain, he loves Crabs.
 This Gorilla tee is probably my favorite from Tea Collection at the moment.
 Creed really loves Rock and roll lately so I think he would appreciate this one from MinBoden.
and this one from MiniBoden might be something my yellow-lovin boy needs.

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Those are so cute! :)