Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter ideas

I just came across a bunch of bookmarks I saved last Easter to share with you so here are a few that I would love to try (and you actually still have plenty of time left before Easter to try them!).

Easter eggshell crafts.  You should click through to see the others.  They are so funny/cute.

Egg cozies.  These are no longer available, but you can find a tutorial for similar ones here.

 Bunny finger puppets.  I made some last year and they are so fun to work on.
Easter Eggs with notes inside.  I really wanted to do this, but it's been so popular on blogs this year that I was afraid it wouldn't really surprise anyone.  I would still love to get one in the mail though, wouldn't you?

Hopefully I'll stay motivated and I'll post some of my favorite ideas from this year soon.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Cute ideas. We should have made the carrot candy holders together. They would have been fun to give away.