Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Creed's Bee Birthday Party

For months, Creed's been telling people he was having a bee birthday party.  He loves the Bee Movie (the only kids DVD at my parents house so it has been watch too many times).  He regularly pretends to be a bee so I guess a bee party was a given.  I had some great ideas for other parties and tried to convince him, but he was certain about what he wanted.  I was not so certain of what we would do for a bee party so I kept suggesting other things.  Finally he said, "I know, I really want a Hello Kitty party!" Umm, so, bee birthday party it was, and he was SUPER excited (I would have been ok with a Hello Kitty party if he actually liked Hello Kitty, but before he said her name, I didn't even know he knew who Hello Kitty was).  

I let him choose five friends to invite and we made them bee shirts for the festivities.
 I got the idea for bee shirts here and then adjusted it a little and added wings to the back.
We just put up some honeycomb bees around the house and the decorations were done.

Creed barely slept the night before because he was so excited (picture him waking me up at 3 am to ask if it was time for his party yet) so he was crabby when everyone arrived and there were lots of tears (please tell me that your children do this too)
 We started off the party dancing to "Flight of the Bumblebees" which gave me a case of the giggles and a bunch of blurry photos.  Then we colored bees.

 and we hung them up for all to admire.
 I was hoping for warm weather so we could have a pollen hunt like this one, but it was snowing outside so while the kids colored we hid "pollen" around the house for them to collect (yellow pompoms, werthers, rolos, small cadbury eggs, etc.) I think it was their favorite part of the party.  They were hard-working bees.
Then we ended with lunch.  The napkins, paper bags, plates, straws, and candles were from Sweet Lulu.  Have you checked out their shop?  It's full of the sweetest party supplies.  I wanted to buy two of everything and stock all my cupboards.

We had to have lots of honeycomb shaped oyster crackers on hand.
I just used a beehive cookie cutter to cut out the peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and I stuck little sugar bees on top.
 And I used bee cookie cutter to cut out watermelon to top the fruit kabobs.
 And of course bees only drink from flowers
 I had grand ideas for a bee cake, but Creed loves the chocolate donuts a Costco and we figured this was a good time to give into his begging.  I just stacked them into a beehive and stuck some candles on top.
 And afterwards we had a surplus of donuts to deliver to friends.

 We sent each of the bees home with bee notebooks and pens (thank you dollar section and Michael's)
 And Bee balloons with bubbles + bags bursting with "pollen".  What more could four-year-olds want?
 The smile on this guys' face at the end of the party was totally worth it. Think there's any chance something as sweet as a bee party will please him as much in ten years?  Can't we just freeze time?


mandi said...

What a sweet party! I love everything about it, and looks like Little Mr. did too!

When my daughter turned 3 we had a "things Dylin likes" party. She chose a Hello Kitty balloon. At that time her /c/ sounded like /t/. The highlight of the party was when she would announce "have you seen my hello titty?" hahaha!!!

Melinda said...

It was a wonderfully successful party as are all your parties!

J.R. and Meg +3 said...

Happy B-day Creed!

Darling!! We are in love with yellow around here as well. Alyssa says she wants a Hello Kitty party too--kind of random, I know she has seen her but don't know where she pulled that out. Fabulous details for your bee party!

taniawillis said...

i wanna be the kind of mom........well, i just wanna be you! :)

your party ideas always send me away wanting to throw my own party, like, immediately!

so happy to see the "parties" label at the bottom so i can go back and look them all over again. :)

thanks for taking the time to share all of your lovely ideas steph. you definitely have an amazing talent.

Kate @ Love and Kate said...

As always, I LOVE your parties! This is awesome. I want to copy everything you do. I've seriously been looking forward to this post! I'm so happy Creed had a good time! You're such a good mama!

Mom said...

DELIVERING! My neighbors are grateful that you taught me delivering...after my birthday we had an excess of cupcakes,,so Ken & I went up and down the street. It was fun...

Vera said...

What a WOW party! In our family, kids' birthdays have always been big events. I see how a small, intimate party like this can be good for everyone involved though. Love everything about it, as am sure your boy and his friends did :)

amber said...

where did you find the hanging tissue bumble bees?

janeezia said...

im having a bee party for my baby girl too. I'm happy too see your blog. Where did you get those notebook & pens? just any dollar shop?

Rue du chat qui pêche said...

I love this post. So cute!
My boy just turned 2 also. Check out my post about his birthday party and let me know what you think.

Demetria Washington said...

Hey! I love the bee notepads. Where can I find those? I would love to purchase them.

curtis03 Lewis said...

Wow! A bee themed party is such an amazing idea! He looks very sweet in the pictures. I have also shortlisted some of the LA event venues for my daughter’s birthday party. Can you let me know, from where did you get all the bee props and the notepads? Is there someone who customizes it?

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