Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ollie Takes a Bath

Puj sent me a free baby bathtub to review a while back and we've been eagerly awaiting the day Ollie was ready to use it. The tub is actually really sleek and cool. It's incredibly lightweight so we can hang it flat to dry (which really comes in handy in a tiny house like ours) and it has magnets in it that make it pop back together in seconds.

Truthfully, I was sort of doubtful that it would work for us because every illustration that I've seen on the tub, it fits into an oval sink, and both of our bathroom sinks are rectangle, but it worked perfectly.
Creed was so excited to help give Ollie a bath so things were crowded, but fun. Creed got his own rubber duck out for Ollie to use in his first bath, but he was very clear that it was just a loan.
When Creed was a newborn, he howled through his first bath, probably partially due to the fact that we were new parents and afraid of burning him so the water was room temperature and he was probably cold. Ollie, on the other hand, seemed content and it was easy to handle him in this tub because he didn't slip around (and I had an awesome "helper").
If you want to check out the Puj tub, you can head to their website for baby bath tubs. Thanks to Puj for letting me be a product tester, we couldn't be happier with our Puj tub!

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Kate said...

This looks great, I've been looking for something that's easy to store (also in a matchbox apartment for the time being!) and this looks really cool. Thanks for the post, and cute kids! :)