Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creed Turned Three!

Creed turned three last week and we spent the day celebrating with him. I had low expectations for the day because Larry got back the night before from spending five days in Georgia and I had been in survival mode and skipped any party preparations.

When Creed woke up in the morning and we told him that it was his birthday, he let out the cutest squeal of delight, and then he asked, "But where are my balloons?" I told him that we could go get some and asked him how many he wanted. He said, "Five!" I told him they could be all different colors and asked him what colors we should get. I should have known he would reply, "Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, and yellow!" (Last week he asked me if I could buy him all yellow clothes for Christmas).

We went out to breakfast, and I think he loved his smiley face pancakes.
Check out how much Ollie loved going out to breakfast.
While Larry took Creed to swim lessons, I picked up the requested birthday balloons and Creed was so happy with them.
We are having a birthday party with his friends this week, but we had our family over for cake and ice cream that night. About an hour before everyone came over, I decided that Creed NEEDED a birthday shirt so I was literally blow drying it when our guests arrived (I think I got the idea for a freezer paper transfer number shirt just like this here).

Months ago, Creed started asking for a 'struction cake so I did my best (cooking is not my forte)
Can you spot the black eye that he was still recovering from?
I was in such a rush I didn't even bother with putting bows on Creed's gifts, but he didn't mind.
He was excited about each and every gift and wanted to open each one and play with it before moving on to the next.
His big birthday gift was this crazy, huge dinosaurs. He has begged for this thing for the last two Christmases, but it's huge and loud and expensive so we didn't buy it. Last year, I found it on sale after Christmas and wanted to buy it for Creed, but Larry was doubtful that he would play with it for more than a few minutes, and I agreed that he would probably forget about it soon. We were both very wrong. This Christmas, every time we stepped in a store he begged to go to the toy section to see the dinosaur, and he would sit in the aisle staring at it for ages. When I saw it on clearance after Christmas, how could I resist? We gave in and then decided to finally buy it and save it for his birthday.
Larry left the dinosaur in the kitchen and we wrapped the remote so when he opened it and started pushing buttons, the dinosaur walked into the room and Creed could not contain himself. Creed loved controlling it until it started getting to close to him. He kept scooting closer to my dad until he ended up in his lap and was genuinely scared. Luckily his fright didn't last until the next morning and he's been carrying his remote all around the house since then.
We are so lucky to have this boy in our family, and I cannot wait to have his friends over later this week to celebrate with us. I think this party is going to be adorable because of the theme Creed chose. Stay posted!


Melinda said...

Oh my goodness! How in the world has he grown up so quickly?! We need to see you guys more!

Anna said...

I love how even a low-key birthday thrown by you is really fabulous (hello last minute shirt!).

What a lucky boy he is. Yay Creed.