Friday, March 12, 2010

I'm spoiled

The morning after I had Ollie, Larry told me he was going to run home to take a shower. He was gone FOREVER, and I couldn't figure out what was taking so long, but then he returned with a gift for Ollie and a gift for me. For Ollie, he picked up the silver letter O that is in a few of the newborn pictures that Candice took, and for me he showed up with these Steve Madden beauties! It was so thoughtful!

It turned out that the shoes I wore to the hospital ended up getting lost and Larry felt really bad, but I didn't; they were old shoes I should have tossed long ago and thanks to his surprise, I still had shoes to wear home from the hospital. So then I was even more surprised, when our first day home from the hospital, I woke up to three more new pairs of shoes!
Larry said he felt so bad about the lost shoes that he wanted to replace them and Payless happened to be having a sale so instead of narrowing his choices down to one, he just bought them all.

And that is yet another reason that he is so sweet!


Kristin said...

How sweet. Larry has great taste, too.

taniawillis said...

awwww. he's a keeper steph.

Nikki said...

Reason 214 that you love Larry - he picks thoughtful gifts AND supports your love of shoes! I love it!!

Rachel Olsen said...

A husband that buys you multiple pairs of shoes? He rocks! Hang on to him. :)

Molly said...

Wow that is just so cute - what a perfect push present!!