Monday, March 15, 2010

February Favorites

Oh dear, this one got lost in the drafts and though MArch is halfway over, I'm still going to post our February favorite list that I mostly wrote before Ollie was born.

Favorite Toy of the Month:
I was thrift shopping, looking for a large letter "O" (please let me know if you come across one) when we came across this beauty and it was love at first site for Creed.
He spent the rest of the day pretending to call everyone that he knows and the conversation went like this every time:
Creed: Hi, Piper? Please don't break my new phone, ok?
Mom, will you tell Piper not to break my new phone?
Me: Hi, Piper? How are you? . . . Great! Hey, new time you come over, you won't break Creed's new phone, will you? . . . Ok, thanks!
Creed: Bye, Piper!

Then just insert a new name (Grammy, Uncle Eli, Lisa, etc.) and repeat the whole conversation over and over.

Picture Book of the Month:
All the World by Liz Garton Scanlon, illustrated by Marla Frazee.
I chose to share this one before it was named a Caldecott Honor this year, and I can't resist sharing it in case any of you missed it. It is beautiful. I could spend hours looking at the illustrations. I avoid a lot of picture books written in verse, because some of them are terrible, but this gentle verse will roll off your tongue. Don't miss it!

Favorite Clothing Item of the Month:
Steph: I bought this sunny shirt from Target to wear after I have the baby. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it fits!

Creed: This hand-me-down Chicken costume from my nephew Cole that's WAY too small for him (I'm talking it takes all my effort to pry it off of him without tearing it), but it sure doesn't make him happy.
Tiny Ford: ok, so he's not here yet so he can't actually pick a favorite, but I'm sure this would be it. My friend Jessica mailed us this tiny hat for his newborn photos, and I can't wait to put it on him!!!!!! Jessica made the knit hat Creed was wearing in the picture that we used for his birth announcement and it meant so much to me that she made one for Tiny Ford too! She has an Etsy Shop called The Wiggly Bridge and she does custom orders and charges way less than she should so check it out if you want an adorable hat too.
Favorite Movie of the Month:
All about Steve. The previews to this one did not make me want to see it, but Candice recommended it so we watched it while she was visiting and I really liked it, especially the message behind it. You have to be in the mood for some Napoleon Dynamite type strange characters though.

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