Monday, June 02, 2008

My mom's got mad party throwing skills

My mom works for a home health care company, and while parts of her job are not so fun, another part of her job is putting together events for doctor's offices to the their name out there and thank them for referrals. She puts together some really fun things like private concerts up at Sundance and golf tournaments, and my favorite, private showings to big movies on opening night. I can't wait until we live in Utah and we can come to some of them.

Last week they had a premier for the new Indiana Jones movie and she brought along some costumes and props and had my dad take pictures for anyone who wanted them. Here's my mom with my Uncle Matt (my mom isn't short, my Uncle Matt is 6' 8") And here's Matt's family with an Idol my mom painted gold a bejeweled for pictures.
Don't you wish that you could have been there?


Mom said...

One can see where you inherited your mad party throwing shills! Looks like so much fun - Mom Cat

Stephanie said...

How fun is that?! I wanna go to one of her parties!

jaY said...

Whoa, maybe its just me, but the kid on the left in the second pic looks just like Eli how I remember him. hahaha anywho-

Cristin said...

Ditto the first comment...I see where you get your party flair!