Tuesday, June 03, 2008

I think someone has a new hero

First, Creed started wanting to wear glasses all the time.
Then he learned to say "David" (So the only names that he knows are Mom, Dad, and David)
Then if it wasn't clear enough, he decided to try out a goatee And is that I little "chest hair" I spy in an attempt to make him look older?I think Creed really likes Audrey's dad, David (Or maybe he knows Audrey loves David so much and figures that's the key to her heart?)


Stephanie said...

So I linked to your blog through Mandy's. It has been a while but i wanted to tell you that Creed is adorable! Are you guys done with residency? I gather from your blog that you are moving to Utah. I also have to say that you are so creative and have great ideas!! If you guys are ever in Oregon we would love to have visitors!

David said...

OK - love the goatee! If only my own were still so dark. No surprise, he is surpassing me already. And take heart; I am sure his taste in role models will improve with age : )

Mom said...

Why, Creed couldn;t have picked a better role model - well, after his own Dad of course. I agree with his taste in girl friends and all things... Mom Cat

Stephanie said...

That is SO funny! What a great moment for the scrapbook.