Wednesday, June 04, 2008


I don't deal well with big changes in my life so I'm really nervous about our move to Utah. We're coming to the end of our seven years in Ohio, and I'm in complete denial. We haven't even figured out how we are going to move (we have the moving van reserved, but how do it get the van and two cars to Utah when you have a one year old that loses it after an hour in the car?) We only have two and a half weeks left and we haven't started packing. I should be slaving away, but instead my mind is on some of my favorite things about Columbus summers; it's strawberry picking season, Shakespeare is being performed again in Schiller Park, old movies are playing again at the gorgeous Ohio theater as part of the CAPA summer movie series, Rita's Italian Ice is open again, lightening bugs should appear soon. There are so many things that I would rather be doing than packing!

So instead of moping tonight, here's the beginning of a list of things that I'm looking forward to in Utah.
Café Rio
Startup suckers and lolliflops
Moonlit tram ride at Sundance
Outdoor movies at Sundance
Day trip to the Golden Spike and Spiral Jetty
Jay Dawgs
Checking out places highlighted by Your Heart Out
Reuniting old members of the Children’s Literature Book club
My dad’s cooking
Crafting guidance from my mom
Awesome fabric stores
Being near a Costco
The BYU bookstore
Attending the Beehive bizarre
And Oh Sweet Sadie
Pulled turkey sandwiches from Kneaders
Awesome milkshake and smoothie shops all over the place
Being able to tell what direction you’re going by looking up at the mountains
Cool nights that require jackets in the middle of the summer
Watching the Provo Fourth or July Parade with my family
Buying a new computer
Buying creed a kiddie pool

And a few things that I will not miss about Ohio.
Our crazy loud fridge and dishwasher
Funky humidity hair
Quarry blasts that shake my house
People saying something, “needs done,” instead of needs TO BE done
Tornado watches

Let's not go into the things that I will miss about Ohio right now, because the list would be too long. So what do you love about Utah?


Laura said...

Well, since I am in Utah right now on vacation I can tell you I love: being around hair dries before I even get to blow drying it.
3. the scenery
4. too many friends to count.
5. I don't have to get on a plane to see my family.
6. Ice burg

just to name a few, but Ohio: my list could be long on that one. Good luck with the move and everything.

Anna said...

just remember that its possible to find beauty and joy in any place you go. you will miss Columbus, you will always miss it, in the way I miss northern Michigan though I only lived there for a year and a half when I was young or the way I missed Utah when we moved to Ohio...where there's been love there's lots to miss. But you will always have many friends to go back and visit. As for things about Utah that I love, I think I'll just blog about it because your post got me thinking. Good luck with the move and send me and email when you guys get to town and have settled in so we can introduce you to something new to love in Utah. We should go to Ruth's Diner up emigration canyon and eat on the patio under the twinkle lights. It was featured on YHO a few weeks ago and is one of my very favorites.

mark & ali said...

Canyon drives, lots of temples, The Trolley restaurant (in Springville), Channing's Bundt Cake Factory, Temple Square, summer concerts in Brigham Park, Pioneer Day, Thanksgiving Point

Cassie L. said...

Good comments!!! There is a lot to miss in Ohio and I still can't believe that I lived there my whole life before now and that I won't again.

Having said that, I truly love Utah and someone like you Steph will find even more to love than most of us do, because that is what you and your family does....and we'll all be better for it - so get on out here!

Very simple answer, but my favorite thing is the blue sky.

Reba said...

Everyone here raves about the great fabric stores down in Utah, so maybe you'll have some more selection for your amazing projects.

Also, the Utah Arts Council has some amazing contests that your writing would be perfect for. And writing workshops.

And there's always something fun going on at BYU--the reading series, free one acts every Thursday . . .

Good luck! We'll be in Utah from June 22-July 9 if you're interested in getting together. :)

emily kate said...

Now I'm sad about leaving Utah! I love all the things you listed. And all the cute boutiques (mostly highlighted on YHO!) in SLC, like Frosty Darling and Dear Lizzie. And Pudding on the Rice. And Maestros Gelato. And the dollar theater.

Oh no. I better go make a list about what what I'm excited for in New York...

emily kate said...

I thought of something else! Pizzeria 712! Our favorite restaurant.

Eva Jorgensen said...

besides what's already been said?

jogging in the avenues or liberty park, hatch family chocolates, koko kitchen, mazza, el virolina, the sun, floating the heber canal or the provo river, the rope swings/lake in mona, walking a block to go to church, the el salvador restuarant, el azteca, the demolition derby, raisin filled cookies, kilby court, the downtown library, temple square, the salt flats, being a road trip away from california and the beach, the sundance film festival, riding the chair lift in sundance and then hiking down, the rio depot, the women's art center, outdoor movies and concerts at the gallivan center, the cellist at the broadway cinemas, and on and on and on.

but of course, mainly family and friends!

p.s. is the above emily kate the one i know who is married to oliver?

whitney said...

1. Dollar movies!
2. Tower and Broadway and Brewvies movie theatres
3. Cheap rent
4. best friends
5. other friends
6. family
7. all you can eat sushi
8. parking
9. cheapER gas
10. Sundance Film Festival
11. Global Film Festival (free!)
12. SLC film society (also free!)
13. Cheap symphony and theatre tickets
14. Bike rides (San Francisco is too hilly)
15. SLC public library.

I'm excited to move back to Utah.

(your cousin!)

Nikki said...

No. 1 think I love about Utah . . . we will get to visit you, Larry and Creed there!!!! Want to have a packing play date (i.e. David and I entertain Creed and Audrey while you and Larry pack - or David and Larry entertain Creed and Audrey while you and I pack OR . . well, you get the picture)?

Robin said...

Had to comment about the "needs done" issue. It's SO annoying!!
You'll have so much fun re-discovering Utah. Your new neighbors don't know how lucky they are!
My favorite UT item: dry air.

candice said...

I am so freaking excited for the 4th of July this year! Hello, me, you, mark, larry, mike, marissa, Eli, Mom, Dad and all Kids! It's going to be hilarious! And we will actually have to plan more than just the parade! To bad we missed out on sof and Hanna Montana.
I hope you know I'm kidding about the Hanna thing. Fireworks in front of our house is way better!

TX Girl said...

I haven't lived in SLC for 10 years, but I love Emigration Market and Jolley Pharmacy; nights because they actually cool off; Dan's chocolate cake donuts; The Pie; Gateway mall; King's English Bookstore (you are going to love this place).. so many places.

Now you can check another thing off of your list- attend the Sundance Film Festival

Chelsea said...

1. Cafe Rio - Had to mention again, because it is amazing
2. Gateway Mall
3. BYU football games
4. Being close to family
5. Directional street names
6. Boutiques galore
7. MacCool's Pub House
8. DSW
9. The safe neighborhoods
10. Nordstrom - I know everyone has a Nordstrom, but it still one of my favorite parts of Utah
11.Red Mango
12.Park City
13. Water, Mountain, Retail, etc. sports all within 1 hour
14. Sundance Film Festival
15. 4 completely different Seasons
16. Small town vibe in a big city

I have grown to love Utah - and I am postive you will love being back. Provo is definitely not the same place it was 7 years ago - trust me!

Stephanie Ford said...

You guys are awesome! Thank you for all of the great suggestions. It will be fun to check them out in person this year!

Ellen said...

You are going to have SO much fun in Utah! But we will miss you like crazy here in OH to the IO! I just thought your "needs done" comment was HILARIOUS! Everyone at my work says that!!!