Friday, June 13, 2008

Columbus Corners - El Arepazo

One week before I move away from Columbus, I've discovered a new favorite restaurant, El Arepazo, a Venezuelan restaurant in Pearl Alley downtown. They only serve lunch and it's very busy so I would avoid the noon hour if at all possible, but they serve the most delicious, fresh Venezuelan food (which I have never had before, but will now seek out).
I forgot to take a photo of the outside so this one if from the Restaurant Widow.
Donny and I got fish burritos (the special today)

And Larry got the talapiaBut I'm dying to go back to try the arepa, which they are known for (kind of a mix between a taco and sandwich, the outside is made with a cornmeal cake). Everything comes with a side of cilantro hot sauce and it's so good they have signs telling people they have to pay extra if they want more than two cups of the cilantro sauce.

You might want to try to visit on a Tuesday or Friday during the Pearl Alley Market with some local farmers, bakers, and crafters.

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