Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Old School

Way back when Larry and I were just friends I thought Larry’s taste in shoes was amusing. That changed when we started to become more serious. I could deal with the scary knee high black combat boots and the ugly orange snake skin Doc Martins and the maroon boots with bubble toes that made them look like they could belong the Ronald McDonald; it was the beat-up old school Vans that looked like Mr. Rogers style boat shoes that I couldn’t stand, and he wore them all the time (partially because he knew I hated them, and I think he liked to torture me).

Time passed and fortunately medical school didn’t allow Larry to wear his favorite shoes too often (who would risk getting blood on such a precious item?) I was hoping Larry was beginning to forget about them when we met his sister Keri’s fiancé (now husband). Keri warned us that Matt was a lot like Larry, and she was right, they’re alike right down to their love of old school Vans! Larry and I found some white slip-on shoes for Keri that we drew a checkerboard pattern on so she could match Matt’s favorite pair of old school Vans.

Now Keri has returned the favor!

I could not stop laughing when I saw these. It looks like Baby Ford is going to follow in his Father’s footsteps!


Larry said...

Those are FANTASTIC little shoes. And perhaps not coincidentally I saw my own Vans downstairs the night before when I was cleaning out the basement. I thought that it was time to dust them off, for I indeed had nearly forgotten about them. Nearly Steph.

Anonymous said...

i think Santa needs to bring Larry a new pair this year so he can match his cute son! how stylish will they be?

Anonymous said...

I forgot how many pairs of weird shoes Larry had! The Vans were my favorite! They will never go out of style! Austin is just starting to recognize what they are missing out on and VANS stores are opening everywhere! YIPPEE!
Come on....anything beats orange snake skin......