Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Busy busy Fords

So, I told you that we're going on a cruise, but what I didn't tell you is that Larry and I both get two whole weeks off so we have a few extra days before the cruise (I can't remember the last time I had two whole weeks off). We decided to take full advantage of the opportunity to travel pre-baby and we're spending a few days in Philadelphia and New York before flying down to Miami for the cruise.

We've booked our hotels, but we haven't planned much further than that and we're leaving soon! Any suggestions? We finally do have one thing set in stone, I got a call today and answered a trivia question right to get tickets to a David Letterman taping! It worked out perfectly because we'll only be in New York for two nights, a Monday and a Tuesday, and Broadway shows don't run on Mondays so we can only try to see one on Tuesday and luckily the David Letterman tickets are for Monday evening. I'm so excited!

Ugh, if only we didn't have so much to do before we leave! I still have to finish designing some wedding invitations and then I have to design our Christmas cards and get them printed and I have Christmas shopping to do and gifts to mail and books to read for the Cybils Awards . . .

It will all be worth it. I love this time of the year!


Anonymous said...

You are SOOOO lucky!! We were in New York during the Blackout of 2003, we missed our Broadway show and all we saw of Letterman was Rupert locking up the Hello Deli. Live it up pre-baby!

Anonymous said...

You guys should go to lower, east and west sides.. but, i really think you guys would like midtown area. 59th street. plus serindipity is on 59th, and i think you guys would like it. Also, you should go up to harlem. no "tourist" go up there, but its very worth your while. so much fun culture. also you should go upper left side where juliard and lincon center is. and up further on brodway is the seifield diner. "Tom's Diner" p.s. go to soho, noho... im working myself into a tissy, and getting jealous. have fun.

Anonymous said...

that was me.

Melinda said...

My suggestion is a great restaurant: Il Corello Trattoria. It's inexpensive, the menu is HUGE and everything is fabulous (particularly the salad with fresh Mozz). It is also located a quick walk from some of the best shopping in Manhattan (Scholastic, Kate's paper, H&M, etc) Have so much fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Steph!
I have a really good friend that lives in Philly. Let me know if you need a contact. Just call me cell phone (I'll be in Utah starting tomorrow but will still have my phone).
Yeah! We saw DL too when we were in NYC. So fun! There's so much to do and see in both those cities!
See ya when you get back!